Monday, April 03, 2006

Owh gosh

I lost d bett...ahhhh. Fabian..i am sorry..but you are too good for me. You manage to keep you promise..i cant keep mine..sorry sorry soryy sorry. How la i can be naked in during the prom. Everyone in prom was asking about it, fact. the first thing they said when they saw me was....

E-Chaur = I heard you were suppose to be Naked
Yin Ching = Tharan, you were suppose to be naked right
Ser = I saw alfred status you were gonna be naked
Kree = Fucekr, make sure you be naked
Suraj = Tharan gonna be naked.....ahahhahaa
Alfred = Tarende gonna go to prom naked ( in yahoo status)

and many more...too much to remember


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