Thursday, April 20, 2006

penang trip

Hehe...sorry for the late delay guys.. sorry for no updates this past few days. Got a lot of work to do, U nite to work on.hehe. HEy..guys stop screwing Reza....U nite was a sucess....i tell was a sucess. But screw the food la...that was bad. Pity them.. anyway, here are some pics on penang trip. Basically the trip was all about eating and eating and eating and eating. I truly enjoyed the buffet in Penang Club...damn coool.

One of the fuuny thing that happened to us in Penang was we wanted to go to Gurney Drive to collect my mom present. The Credit card gave my mom a present but it had to be collected in OSIM penang. So off we went to GUrney drive.....but ended up in Gurney Hotel...thanks to my bro so called directions. No wonder so easy to get

Dad driving to Penang. if not mistaken already nearing the Ferry.
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a picture of another ferry
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Penang City
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mom looking out of ferry
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talking over a glass of wine. mom and bro on the couch
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Dad waiting for his fish something something ( Some italian crap)
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last but not least...
Captain bring your asss over to cyber pronto
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**** sorry for the different picture sizes. Due to my mistake in Resizing *******


Adrian Hew said...

hello captain tharan...
maintaining co-ordinate to land in HB2C runway...
i know u miss me..."not in a gay way~" eheheh...i'll try to drop by cyberjaya whenever i have the time to do so...
u la...don't go back taiping/kl every to meet u la lidat???
take care CAPTAIN!

tharan said...

yeah..will not be heading back not so soon

guleng said...

apala...the 1st pic...the ferry terminal is nearby city...but ur pic inside left and right all sight of buildings at all....were u in the correct direction to the ferry terminal?

bloody many post but u never post ur lovely, handsome fren...ish

tharan said...


©p|4y8o!™ said...

kns....come to PG nvr tel us....:P

tharan said...

you were back at cyber la