Saturday, July 30, 2005

Melaka Memories Part 2

OK is the second part !!!!!

Alfred car for the second sem. Damn power, but nothing can beat his merz

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Melaka town taken from Century Mahkota

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Go cart . I crashed this car while doing a high speed late braking technique. I braked too late and too hard to slow down the car after a long straight. The car went into a spin and into the Tyre barrier. I was uninjured but the car's Front tyre whell broke , the brake line broke , the front bumper cracked. Lucky no need to pay

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Accident in Melaka. Wira chashed into lamp post.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

What a sunday

Well..well...first of all i woke up at 11.30....haih...yesterday me and Fabian was watching a stupid movie, it was suppose to be a scary movie but we ended up sleeping. Damn. Anyway, we went for lunch in HB1 and after that i and Chee Way went to library to do some revision. Nelson joined us at 5 and after that we could not study. We ended up talking about Masters, Phd and taxes and also some stuff regarding computer..hehehehe. ANyway..after that me , Fabian , Chee Way headed down to the field to kick some balls. WE were joined by Totoro Ping and Satkuru...i think that was his name . WE just kicked and passed thats all.

Anyway just now Chee Way was asking me about i decided to post some Pictures just to rekindle the Melaka Memories. So here goes Part 1


My house in UA

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MMU Melaka

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Guess which is me !!!

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Picture of Melaka taken from 7th Floor

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Stay tuned for more pictures to come......till then bye

Saturday, July 23, 2005

tired week !!!!

WEll this week was certainly a very tiring week for me. Let me start with the ice breaking of Swim CLub. It went all very well, and we got drencehed to the max....not because of the rain...but because of the People...they were just throwing water all over the place. Chee Way got wet because he put som much water into a baloon and it burst as he was carrying it around..haha. funny la. Fabian was the director of the Ice breaking and I was the assistant to Adrian Hew, the Games Master. But the whole time, me PIng , Fuki spend our time putting water into baloons.hehe. And then dinner was served and we ate till our hearts content. There were lotssa food such as Friend Rice, Friend Me , sausages ( Looks like fuki's ahems ) and so on.

ICe breaking food

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And as the 3rd game was going started to rain cats and dogs. But we did not stop at there...we started throwing water at each other....everyone was drenched....evan Su chen..ahaha.

And also this week...i have to credit some people. First is Fabian ONg and Teoh Chee way for waking me up for my Lab. Chee way spent nearly 10 minutes knocking my door to wake me up.hehehe. And thanks to Aski too for waking me up on saturday..hehe.

Then on saturday , i went to help in Bukit Jalil for the INterfac games. I was the timekeeper...damn bored...everyone did their work boringly. Hehe...i also realised that the pool was the cleanest i have seen..damn chun wei. Anyway..gtg now...ciozzzz

Monday, July 18, 2005

Tireddddddd !!!!!!!!

Yo people...i just came back from tennis and i am damn bloody tired. Stroked with Amril, he is damn good. Haih...btw people Amril is the assistant Director of coaching and training division for Tennis Club MMU Cyberjaya. He has played for his school in numerous occaions.hehe. Well our main coach Taufeeq is down with a swollen leg. He is on MC for 2 weeks. GEt well wei Taufeeq...we need you here pronto..

Well i just started catering my dinner today. Fong has is the tauke...i dont know where he gets the contract from...but who cares. It looks damn good and my mouth is watering just looking at it. Today's menu is Rice with Some green vegetables, potatoes and sweet and sour chicken. Yummm.

Ok guys, i gtg now. Wanna mandi.

Here is a random picture from my Computer.hehehe. Its a picture of my my room. I know la my laptop damn ugly, but it has been serving me for 3 years already . And also i know la my table damn untidy.....hey...its a guy's table. Its meant to be cluttered and untidy.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tech time 2005

hi guys....

TECH TIME 2005 was a blast. You know why...??? because TOP FLIGHT security was on duty.....haha. There was many vendors and pricess of things was damn cheap. Super duper cheap. I was interested in a particular printer but it was too expensive. Anybody care to give me money.???? i need RM 300. pleaseeeeeeee. The printer that i am interested in is Epson C45. Damn cool wei....waterproof....and also the print quality is damn excelent.Super duper.....i give it a 5 out of 5.

Anyway , i went out with shahril , suraj and anand on thursday. Shahril started with his story of openning a shop. ( I wish too warn gonna be very vulgar...hehe)

You know my sons...i am gonna open a shop. The name of the shop is Hustler's Cafe. My cafe got indian food and a burger corner. The burger corner will be damn good because it does not contain all those shits ( Vegetable), and also all the drinks will be bigg ass. And cheap. And i will employ all old geasers to become my waitresses and they will have to wear a bikini to serve my customers. There will be some male models to serve also...they will be damn handsome. My shop got no if you want to eat cucumbers..fuck off. And if my waiters touch the old geasers....i will kick his ass. And also i will plant the tables and chairs on the road so that nobody can park their cars. There will be a bouncer...coz only the rich and beautiful can eat in my shop. Must produce J forms then only can eat...if not Fcuk off. And the ambience will be black and blue...rather dark. And i wil play all trash songs ( heavy metal songs )

and suraj said that his shop is totally different than Shahril....i forgot what is the name of the shop....The Man's cafe maybe..??

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hi Peeps!!!

Yo earthlings....

Hi once again....i know i have been neglecting my blog these days but..what the heck.....i have to study too...hehe. So far my promise of getting a PPL by this sem does not seem to materialise as i have no time to play FS2004. DAMN...anyway people i just came back from Taiping.Last weekend most of us went back...Fabian to Penang , Adrian to Subang , Eric and Boon Chew to Subang also....Chee KL. The other day, Fabian and me went to Konsortium counter to buy our tickets, and the guy told us that we are gonna go on the Double deckerr bus. but in the end, it turned out that i was theonly one that got the bus , too bad Fabian had to go on a stupid old bus..hehe.

Before that , WE ate dinner in KFC opposite Pudu Raya. I things are getting more prisey these days. My burger was so damn freakin small....and it cost me RM 3.50 ( PICTURES WILL BE POSTED LATER ). And fabian had dinner plate...and it cost him 7 bucks. While we were having dinner , A small ass (kid to be polite) came to us and ask me to buy some pictures. It was so damn expenisive , and Fabian was laughing all the while as i cant speak tamil to him, hehe..damn broken and i ended up speaking Malay. But the small fart did not want to reduce the damn prise so in goes my wallet and i told him..sorry i aint buying. And the small fart had to tell me ci*** and walk off. Damn rude....wait till i get my hands on him i will screw him upside down..hehe.

Anyway, i got my chance to screw his ass down when i met him again this was the conversation

Small Boy : Annai.....bla bla bla ( something in tamil which you and me wont understand
Tharan : masih ingat saya lagi kah..
S.B. : tak ingat bang
Tharan : Betul tak ingat...hari itu kat KFC tak ingat ke
S.B : Tak ingat bang..betui betui tak ingat
Tharan : Owh...hari itu awak pangil saya Ci*** cari pasal ke..?? you mahu apa HA ???
S.B : Bang...bukan saya
Tharan : kalau bukan awak siapa lagi.???? Datuk Kamu kah..?
S.B. : Itu mungkin adik saya bang..
Tharan : Itu saya tak kisah....saya tengok muka kamu lagi....habislah kamu.

And the small fart runs away into the crowd....

Just after that, i Met Jag ( OOOP..hey walle hey walle ) Singh. The bugger nearly give me a shock when he snatched my laptop fro the bag...lucky it was him..if not.....

BTW.. just before that i went and bough a bus ticket for him..and it cost him RM 18...for bus tambahan. yeah bas tambahan my foot.....they gonna give him one bus kilang and he is gonna look like one factory worker coming from the buss..hehe kesiannya....

Anyway peeps...just wanna tell you Techtime 2005 is this weekend.Come over to MMU exam hall, Melaka and you will have a bargain for you life. hehe...and you can meet me also....till them BYEEEEEEEEE

P/s BTW fellow aviators, MAS B777 ( MRJ ) had a aborted takeoff in France. Its Right engine had a low oil preassure and First Officer TK managed to abort the takeoff as the Speed of the aircraft was 100 knots , below V1 speed good job MAS

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Liar liar pants on fire

"Son, always tell the truth. Then you'll never have to remember what you said the last time." ~ Sam Rayburn
Thats something to think about..hehe.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Life in Cyberjaya

Yo peeps...

This is my 3rd week in Cyberjaya and so far this place is not too bad either..Food kindda know...mostly western and malay food. WEll..i Melaka food especially Soup SHop and rama those place is right down cool. Hehe. And i am living with Fabian ong , my cool roomate back in Alpha, and he is one cool dude...really sporty and always plays a lot...dota la , football la and so on. What the heck...he is still good in his studies.

Classes has been good. So far me and Adrian have been going to all the classes , and the lecturers over here is quite ok la. not too bad. Some of them are really really good and some of them are ok only la.

My pledge this sem is to do my best in my studies , and also improve in my Flight Simulator. My current status i have still not finished my PPL and i am gonna finish it by this month. My aim is to get my CPL by end of this sem and my ATPL by end of next SEM. Hopefully...hehe

OK guys , take care...i will try to post as much as possible next time. Please do come back from time to time and i will post some pictures soon...about this place called Cyberjaya.

Friday, July 01, 2005

What my name means

OK guys....sorry for not blogging for a long time...hehe...been very busy for the last few months. Exams came and went , Holidays came and went , and guess what....i am now in Cyberjaya.

Here is what my name means...

You are an overly sensitive person, often falling into a savior-martyr role. You are very skeptical and have more than your share of bad luck. You work hard to achieve material success through your own efforts. You have much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievement in life. You enjoy a challenge. You can take thought-directed actions. You are always involved with projects and things to do. You are relatively demonstrative in your affections. You enjoy being stroked verbally and physically. You can handle details well. You have a methodical mind. You have a discriminating nature coupled with perseverance and family pride. You have a lack of confidence in your mental abilities and do not like being forced into giving your opinion. You have a need to be up front. You must learn to give 'wise' service and not be a martyr.