Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hi Peeps!!!

Yo earthlings....

Hi once again....i know i have been neglecting my blog these days but..what the heck.....i have to study too...hehe. So far my promise of getting a PPL by this sem does not seem to materialise as i have no time to play FS2004. DAMN...anyway people i just came back from Taiping.Last weekend most of us went back...Fabian to Penang , Adrian to Subang , Eric and Boon Chew to Subang also....Chee KL. The other day, Fabian and me went to Konsortium counter to buy our tickets, and the guy told us that we are gonna go on the Double deckerr bus. but in the end, it turned out that i was theonly one that got the bus , too bad Fabian had to go on a stupid old bus..hehe.

Before that , WE ate dinner in KFC opposite Pudu Raya. I things are getting more prisey these days. My burger was so damn freakin small....and it cost me RM 3.50 ( PICTURES WILL BE POSTED LATER ). And fabian had dinner plate...and it cost him 7 bucks. While we were having dinner , A small ass (kid to be polite) came to us and ask me to buy some pictures. It was so damn expenisive , and Fabian was laughing all the while as i cant speak tamil to him, hehe..damn broken and i ended up speaking Malay. But the small fart did not want to reduce the damn prise so in goes my wallet and i told him..sorry i aint buying. And the small fart had to tell me ci*** and walk off. Damn rude....wait till i get my hands on him i will screw him upside down..hehe.

Anyway, i got my chance to screw his ass down when i met him again this was the conversation

Small Boy : Annai.....bla bla bla ( something in tamil which you and me wont understand
Tharan : masih ingat saya lagi kah..
S.B. : tak ingat bang
Tharan : Betul tak ingat...hari itu kat KFC tak ingat ke
S.B : Tak ingat bang..betui betui tak ingat
Tharan : Owh...hari itu awak pangil saya Ci*** cari pasal ke..?? you mahu apa HA ???
S.B : Bang...bukan saya
Tharan : kalau bukan awak siapa lagi.???? Datuk Kamu kah..?
S.B. : Itu mungkin adik saya bang..
Tharan : Itu saya tak kisah....saya tengok muka kamu lagi....habislah kamu.

And the small fart runs away into the crowd....

Just after that, i Met Jag ( OOOP..hey walle hey walle ) Singh. The bugger nearly give me a shock when he snatched my laptop fro the bag...lucky it was him..if not.....

BTW.. just before that i went and bough a bus ticket for him..and it cost him RM 18...for bus tambahan. yeah bas tambahan my foot.....they gonna give him one bus kilang and he is gonna look like one factory worker coming from the buss..hehe kesiannya....

Anyway peeps...just wanna tell you Techtime 2005 is this weekend.Come over to MMU exam hall, Melaka and you will have a bargain for you life. hehe...and you can meet me also....till them BYEEEEEEEEE

P/s BTW fellow aviators, MAS B777 ( MRJ ) had a aborted takeoff in France. Its Right engine had a low oil preassure and First Officer TK managed to abort the takeoff as the Speed of the aircraft was 100 knots , below V1 speed good job MAS


Anonymous said...

Last weekend most of us went back...Fabian to Penang , Adrian to Subang , Eric and Boon Chew to Subang also....Chee KL.

wat 'Chee kl'
why must add ... after my name?

tharan said...


Adrian Hew said...

lalalala...y didnt whack the budak kecik? hahaha..
dam C**** man u!

Anonymous said...

WHY...must u put jag's name with 'OOOP hey walley walley hey walley walley' ??? thats kindda funny though..bahaha

tharan said...

coz jag always says oooop and hey walle walle hey walle walle