Sunday, April 29, 2007

Captain Adrian has something for us all

"What's the use of worrying?
It never was worth while,
So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile.
--adrian hew

A chat with a good old friend

i was chatting with my good ol pal jag from uk...and he always has some words or stories to share with...Here goes the conversation

mohin says:
wanna hear s story

Tharan says:
ok go ahead

mohin says:
there was this boy always dream of buying a honda car.....

mohin says:
since he was 20 he wanted to buy it

mohin says:
he reach 25 di he was still driving a kancil...

mohin says:
he reach 28 di he was still driving a kancil

mohin says:
he reach 30 di he was still driving a kancil....suddenly on his 31st bday his gf bought him a ferrari

mohin says:
whats the moral

Tharan says:
be patient..and you will get the best

so remember that.....BE PATIENT AND YOU WILL GET THE BEST....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Going Paranoid.?

WEll...first and formost...Happy New Year to all Hindus and Punjabis . I certainly dont know what year it is in Hindu years.....5 thousand something kot...ahhaa. Anyway just to share something. The other day, i woke up suddenly from sleeping in the morning. I had this strange and weird feeling that i was going to die. Serioulsly....i dont know why ....not a dream or something but i really felt that my end was near or something. very weird , but after that i did a few strange things. I went and Sorted out all my notes and arranged all my textbooks, and telling Fabian about my stuff. ( HE wanted my Laptop damn...if i die , but i think him getting 4 flat should be more than enough ..haha ). Anyway a few days later, i had a few bad encounters,

1 . IT happened in the new FIT building, while talking to someone after a meeting, i lost my balance and fell backwards on the side railing of FIT building. Damn...i was quite scared but thank got the railing was there to hold me back.

2. IN taiping, i went out to town to get some stuff. As it was raining, and my mom car had no umbrella ( Rather strangely ) i got out from the car , locked the car and just ran across the road. AS i ran, a van in which i didnt see screeched to a halt a few meters away from me. Gosh...nearly got knocked down.

Otherwise......i am still save and sound. hahaha..( Yess kree i am still very much alive......) HOwever, if anything happens to me , i would like to wish all of you guys roxx. YOu trully made my life memorable and thanks for everything.

See ya...:P

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I was bored

WEll...exams for the week was done and i felt a bit bored. COuld not sleep. As i was just browzing through the internet, Chee Way buzzed me asking me to come to his room. So i went, and he started showing me some pics. Suddenly....i saw a picture....sorry...THE PICTURE...gosh...i just bursed out laughing....hahaahahaha.. GOSH..damn funny wei. With chee way's help, i managed to do something in paint..ahahhaa..not bad



( drum rolls , )

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool..ahahah

Any of you guys got duped.???? haha....i nearly got duped a few times yesterday but i was sharp enough not to get conned..ahahhaa. Well i duped a few , but nothing can beat the funniest victim of all, which was sheh leey. And so the story goes.....

Early Sunday morning,

Tharan : Eh Sheh Leey , Mr Kee called to tell that 2 of the judges cant come today. Can you get 2 replacement judges for me ?

Sheh Leey : HUH....really ah. Aiyaa...why la they cant come. Hard la like this. Wait i call Mr Kee

Tharan : Yala...they cancel last minute, i wonder how water polo going to go on.

Sheh Leey : Hmm.... Eh why they cant come ya ?

Tharan : They cant come because today is April Fool . ( I looked elsewhere coz i was afraid i will laugh)

Sheh Leey : Wah.... Why leh , they think we will lie to them ah because today is April FOOL DAY ?

With that i just bursted out laughing ......

Sheh Leey : ( Looks speechless for a while before finnaly understanding the whole thing ) conned me alreaedy..Tharan so bad....

HAHAHHA>> of the funniest April Fool jokes i ever had in my life. hahah