Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bye bye Melaka

OK guys.....will be leaving for KL today.....taking the Triton packing my bag. Will meet my sister in Puduraya.....see you soo...cio

Monday, December 27, 2004

Post Christmas Joke


One night in December, Ah Beng and his girlfriend Ah Lian were sitting under the moonlight. It was a romantic full moon, when Ah Beng said: "Hey baby, let's play Weeweeshiu." "Oh no, not now, I'm shy-lah" said Ah Lian. "Oh, c'mon baby, let's play Weeweeshiu because I love you and its the perfect time," Ah Beng begged. "No. No" "Please, please...just once play Weeweeshiu with me." "OK, we'll play Weeweeshiu." Ah Beng grabbed his guitar and both sang...

"Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
and a happy New Year."

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas everybody

Hello there......its been a while since i last blogged. Been busy with tons of work , and also assignments. Well lately i have been missing my friends over at Cyber......Fabian , Chee way , Adrian , Fong , Su Chen , Colleen and also the Group 12 buddies Wei Jin , Wei Ming , Karen , Seow Wei , Cavi .....haih wondered if i made the wrong choice. I believed that , ever since i was born i always made the wrong choices in life......haih. And also my results for last sem was aint that good either.....haih....bad. it is Christmas day , and i am sitting here BBU...wonder what the heck i am doing.....played football , went out.....and a few la....but still boring

Anyway here are some pics which i took from a camera ( Nokia 6600 ) . Thanks to Darween for letting me use his phone..heheh

Seventh floor

Mmu at Night

Melaka Town

Can you see the SIA B777 ????

Yumm.... yumm had this for dinner !!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mayday at 30 Thousand Feet !!!!!!! ( part 1)

Ladies and gentleman , Capt Tharan from flight deck once again. We are now cruising at 30 thousand feet. If you look below we can see the south China Sea. Feel free to take off your seat belts and walk around...

Passenger Shahril : now i wanna fasten my seat belt

Passenger Shahril : screw y'all

Passenger Shahril : oh my god!!! holy crap!!!

First Officer Suraj ; Capt , We lost Engine one..

Passenger Shahril : deeeiiii!!! fuck u laaa bloody pilots!!!

Capt Tharan : Oh god.....shut it down

Passenger Shahril : dunno how to control the plane properly

First officer...: We are losing altitude......

Capt Tharan : Mayday Mayday , Malaysia 404 heavy lost engine one...permission for priprity landing in KLIA...=

Passenger Shahril : fuck u and ur altitude

Passenger Shahril : Save Meeeeee la you pundaaa mawanesssss

Passenger Shahril : i Scared already la......i dowan to die la...............

( To be Continued )

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Lunch To Remember

Hell no .......its not the sequal to A walk to Remember.......

Well. it was about 12.30 p.m and Shahril came down to my unit to talk to and THE MAN . He had just finished his paper , and it was damn damn easy. How i wish i had taked that paper.......easy peasy. Lucky more papers already.....and its Happy Holidays for him...darn him......i guess he is gonna screw the world tonight...hahahahaha

So he says......ei...hungry la..come go makan. and we said ok...Lets go. So we went out in Fahmi car ( Honda Accord )....he claims that his kancil grew..ahha. On our way know la.....Shahril.....OOOP here and OOOP there. Causing some girls and guys on the road to have a heart attack....haha. On our way we passed by some " old geasers " as called by Shahril.....( actually some old ladies la waiting for a bus in front of Pantai Medical Centre ) he wanted to OOOOOOP them but than decided.....MESTI MENGHORMATI ORANG TUA .

After a while we reached a warong....some slacky place but had lots of people in it. The first thing i saw was there was fresh air tebu , and some goreng stuff. We walked in the shop and the kak put some rice on the plate. I look at the dishes.....hmmmm......i said...thats it...i gonna take the prawn so i took one , took one squid , one piece of chicken some vege and some gravy. Then we went and sat down in one place. The kak came to write down our food price she wrote the price for everyone and gave the paer to each and everyone of us. I took a look at mine and i got a shock of my life...

RM 15.50
i almost choked to death seeing it. So i kept my mouth shut and ate quietly while the rest continued eating
Suraj : Eh...the food here damn cheap la....mine only 2 bucks
Shahril : Yup , Mine is ok ok only........3.80. Tharan , how much is yours
Tharan : F*** you all....mine is RM 15.
with that everyone burst out laughing.....they were laughing and choking....and laughing.....cannot tahan already. But i kept quietly...slowly eating my RM 15 dollars us certainly not worth 15. That lady simply cut my throat...thinking i am some rich bloke .....hmmmmmmmm. Whatever...i will nevere set foot in this shop....BTW i forgot th see whats the name of the shop.....Some Warong Hajjah FAT TIMAH ( Fatimah la ) . bladdy hell....evan when i go and pay time..the cashier also can laugh at me...damn...nevermind...nevermind.....laugh somore...i wont go to your shop again.
And we went back........with the guys loughing all the way back...coz of my RM 15 meal...............and i tell aint worth a single sen ..... :(


Ladies and Gentleman, This is Captain Tharan from the flight deck . I would like to welcome you on board my blog. It is called Hello.....please R....refering to a famous phrase that we use over here in University Apartment. I will update this page from time to time , so feel free to browse around and please....i beg you.....PLEASE !!!!!! leave some comments. Thanks.