Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Was chatting with sai mun....damn funny la the way he chat..hahahahahaa. Excerpts from our chat session. ok la...supper in cyberia..??? anyone wanna join..?

xenogear_x16: how u l..
xenogear_x16: long time no see u d
xenogear_x16: lunch?
xenogear_x16: tomorrow
bubba_t2000: eh...tomorrow after exam go for date la
bubba_t2000: tomorrow maybe i tapao food for lunch ler..coz tomorrow exam
xenogear_x16: with?
bubba_t2000: lazy wanna go out
xenogear_x16: i got dinner d leh
xenogear_x16: yum cha la like that
xenogear_x16: lol
bubba_t2000: i also tapao..hehe
bubba_t2000: ok la...tomorrow supper
bubba_t2000: we walk to hassan....?
xenogear_x16: chun
bubba_t2000: or you paralampians cant walk
xenogear_x16: wtf
xenogear_x16: why hassan la?
bubba_t2000: ok la..then whre..?
bubba_t2000: Cyberia..?
bubba_t2000: pity you buggers. always come here
xenogear_x16: haha
bubba_t2000: about 12 like that we walk there..?
xenogear_x16: cyberia like cibai la..
xenogear_x16: hassan la
xenogear_x16: hassan also cibai
xenogear_x16: so back to cyberia
xenogear_x16: coz nearer
xenogear_x16: wah
xenogear_x16: can
bubba_t2000: okokko....we will travel there
xenogear_x16: nice l
xenogear_x16: la*

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Your Outrageous Name is:

Homer Sexual

fake and dumb


Your Kissing Purity Score: 86% Pure

You've hardly ever been kissed

But the kisses you've given are very missed

any girl wanna kiss me... :P