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The completed bro code guide and covers all skips in the article that were not covered in any episode of how i met your mother... Created by Barney Stinson and compiled and finished and partially written by joel johnson... special thanks to some fellow bros on face book and this one site about how men are suppose to behave... i would also like to thank my best bro's mike and brian for inspiration..remember bros before hoes

fPreamble to the Bro Code

Once the contract of becoming bros is made, verbal, written or otherwise, the bro code comes into effect.

Bros will not be assumed to be exclusive unless each has explicitly granted the other exclusive Bro rights. If a Bro is not exclusive then a Bro may have more than one Bro. However, upon becoming exclusive, said Bro must break any Bro ties with all other Bros.

Article 1:
Bros before hoes. Always remember, girlfriends come and go, but your boys are always there. Breaking this rule is to commit the cardinal sin against Team Testosterone.

Article 2:
Never drink the last beer, unless you've been granted specific permission that it's OK.

Article 3:
If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time:

A. Was an ex-girlfriend.
B. Your friend specifically told you he wanted her.
C. Is you're buddy's sister.

However, if it's your buddy's cousin, well she's up for grabs, and you're welcome to rub it in his face for years to come.

Article 4:
Never diss a guy if his team just lost a crushing game.

Article 5:
You must never own a cat.

New amendment to this rule: A Bro may never own more than 2 cats, but only if they adhere to the Bro Code

Article 6:
If you get 2 tickets to the big game, the priority list for granting the second ticket is as follows:

1. Your best friends (in order of how long you've known them).
2. Your acquaintances.
3. Your co-workers.
4. The mailman.
5. The UPS guy.
6. NASA.
7. John Kerry.
....1,485,726. Your girlfriend.

Article 7:
You are allowed to enjoy exactly one chick TV show, and one chick flick. You may have no more.

Article 8:
Birthday and Christmas presents for your guy friends are optional. Beer always makes a great gift.

Article 9:
If you go the bar with your buddies, you must buy a round of drinks at least once. The Bro with the better paying job is required to buy the first round. If the other Bro is temporarily out of money or left his wallet at home drinks can be lended yet in the long run these drinks must be repaid, later that night by wingman services or any other act of entertainment or at the next gathering.

Article 10:
There are no mercy rules when playing someone in Madden, hoops, street hockey, bare-fisted boxing, etc.

Article 11:
If you owe someone money, pay them back as soon as humanly possible—unless it's a gambling debt, which must be paid immediately.

Article 12:
Standard shotgun rules are as follows.

A. Shotgun may only be called within full sight of the car.
B. Shotgun must be called outside.
C. Shotgun calls last approximately ten minutes.
D. Shotgun never carries over to a second ride.

Article 13:
NO PDA (Public Displays of Affection).

Article 14:
It's alright to cheat at any game where money isn't involved. In certain circumstances, relationships may be classified as "games."

Article: 15:
Don't tell other guys elaborate stories about your weightlifting exercise routine. No one cares.

Article 16:
Never openly question another guy's sports wisdom, unless said information specifically pertains to your favorite team.

Article 17:
When out with the guys, never accept a call from your girlfriend—unless she's dying or trapped under a burning fuel truck, and if that's the case, make it quick.

Article 18:
Always allow a buffer zone at urinals and on couches.

Article 19:
Never share a bed with a guy, unless there's no way around it.

Article 20:
Bros Before Hoes. I know, I already used it. I can't stress it enough, though. It is absolutely infuriating how many of my guy friends have become insufferable ***** since they've gone out with someone.

Article 21:
In a 6 person hot tub, there should be a maximum of 3 guys.

Article 22:
A Bro should not sing and dance at the same time

Article 23:
A Bro should not watch Oxygen, Womens Entertainment, or Lifetime.

Article 24:
Men do not lie about their age.

Article 25:
A Bro should not swing his arms when he is walking.

Article 26:
A Bro will, in a timely manner, alert his Bro to the existence of a girl fight. A Bro must never hesitate before communicating the possibility of fisticuffs between two humans of the female variety [[HENCEFORTH "GIRL FIGHT"]], in an effort to make possible and probable that another Bro or Bros can partake in observation. A timely manner is open to interpretation based on the initial Bro's viewing and processing of the potential feminine conflagration. Said Bro must use any and all methods of media distribution at his disposal, including but not limited to: telecommunications, elbow nudging, fiber optics, the Broney express, and postcards. If an informed Bro is unable to witness the girl fight firsthand, the spotter Bro is responsible for documenting and relating details of the girl fight via pictures, video*, or barring any other reasonable method, interpretive dance and/or pantomime. Tabling Bro obligations to witness a XX chromosomal scuffle is not only condoned, but encouraged, and in some cases, required. Please refer to the Brobligation rubric as elucidated in AMENDMENT 83: "The REALLY hot sister and other hump trumps."

Article 27:
A Bro should never carry a woman's handbag

Article 28:
A Bro should never go tanning.

Article 29:
No Bro should dye their hair

Article 30:
A Bro should never refer to an athlete as a "stud"

Article 31:
A Bro should never cry during a movie. In the event that he does, he must under no circumstance admit it to anyone other than a girl he is trying to score with.

Article 32:
A Bro should not "pop" his collar.

Article 33:
A Bro should not speak more than two languages.


1. He has lived for a minimum of 9 months in a country whose main language is one of those languages
2. He uses the extra language as a means of picking up women who only speak that language
3. His job requires him to know more than 2 languages
4. It is a means of only to impress women and nothing else

If in the occurrence that a Bro knows more than 2 languages, it is the given right for said bro to invite other bros to parties where this language is spoken, having said bro escort and be the official bilingual wingman.

Article 34:
Bro’s cannot make eye contact during a “devil’s threeway” (two dudes.)

Article 35:
A Bro should never say "it's to die for"

Article 36:
A Bro should not wear a scarf without a jacket or coat.

Article 37:
A Bro should not wear an ascot.

Article 38:
A Bro should never use the following words: fantabulous, ginormous & fierce.

Article 39:
A Bro should never wrap a towel around his head after leaving the shower.

Article 40:
A Bro should never "sip" and alcoholic drink through a straw

Article 41:
A Bro should never wear a blouse.

Article 42:
If you are not living with a girl you should not have tampons in your bathroom.

Article 43:
A Bro should not wear crocs.

Article 44:
A Bro should not wear a leotard or do pirouettes.

Article 45:
A Bro should never wear a sweater over his shoulders

Article 46:
A Bro should not eat grapes from the vines

Article 47:
A Bro should never rollerblade

Article 48:
The word cute should not be used other then describing a chick they want to bone

Article 49:
If you compliment a guy on his six-pack, you better be referring to his beer.

Article 50:
A Bro should never, ever wear capri pants.

Article 51:
A Bro should not wear flip flops with a suit.

Article 52:
No Bro should wear a speedo to the beach

Article 53:
A Bro will, whenever possible, provide his Bro with protection. In the event that one Bro finds himself lacking the necessary prophylactic accoutrements needed to complete the act of coitus in a safe and effective manner, he is in the right to expect his Bro will use all measures within or without his means to provide the aforementioned prophylactic in a timely yet discreet fashion. When a Bro signals his need using previously agreed upon code words and/or body signage, it is understood that his Bro will discontinue all present activity [excepting the act of coitus itself [whereby which Bro vows to finish as quickly as possible]], in order to respond with a panoply of options at Bro-in-need's location. A Bro must patronize the most rapid method of transportation available while endeavoring to assist his Bro. In no instance may a two-wheeled bicycle be used* as this is not only humiliating, but also potentially harmful to the perineum - a zone of tissue perilously adjacent to noted sexual organs. In the event that a state, federal, international, or galactic law is breached due to recklessness, unacceptable levels of speed, and/or the hijacking of an airborne vehicle(s), it is understood that the primary Bro will shoulder any associated legal fees or fines. However, any costs or damages incurred from the use of public transportation are the responsibility of the secondary Bro alone as this is an instance of Quid Pro Bro. Upon arrival at the primary Bro's location, the secondary Bro must exercise complete discretion so as not to disrupt the primary Bro's "flow." It is understood that a Bro will engage in all training necessary to achieve this objective, including, at minimum, a five month Ninjitsu curriculum mastering the twin arts of stealth and secrecy.** Once the primary Bro has been supplied with the necessary prophylactic(s), the Brocedure is deemed complete upon exchange of the traditional, though in this case silent, "high five." Tacit in this unspoken ritual is the understanding that said episode will never be spoken of again, unless it's part of an awesome story. * Unless a bicycle is the ONLY form of transportation, as in some Cambodian villages **

Article 54:
No Bro should make a kissing face in a photo.

Article 55:
No Bro should wear girl jeans

Article 56:
A Bro shall never reveal the score of a sporting event to another Bro until that Bro has thrice confirmed it's cool.

Article 57:
A Bro may not speculate on the expected Bro/chick ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio.

Article 58:
If a Bro, for whatever reason, becomes aware of another Bro's girlfriend's birthday and/or anniversary date, he shall endeavor to make that information available to his Bro, regardless of whether he thinks his Bro already knows.

Article 59:
One Bro makes a solo attack.
A Second Bro provides a crutch,
A third Bro rounds out the pack,
But a fourth Bro is one too much

Article 60:
Should a Bro be near to closing with a girl, his Bro shall do anything within his means to ensure the desired outcome, up to and including the seduction of said girls wildly unattractive friend/cousin/sister.

Article 61:
A Bro shall honor thy father and mother

Article 62:
In the event that two Bros acquire the same target, the Bro with the longer dry spell has dibs. Should the dry spells be of equal length, a game of discreet roshambo(rock paper scissors) shall determine the outcome

Article 63:
In a scenario in which two or more Bros are engaged in entertainment of the adult variety, one Bro is forbidden from intentionally or unintentionally touching another Bro in any capacity, including but not limited to; the high-five, the fist bump, or the congratulatory gluteus pat. Winking is also a no no.

Article 64:
A Bro must provide his Bro to a ticket to an event if said event involves the second Bro's favorite sports team in a playoff scenario

Article 65:
A Bro must always reciprocate a round of drinks among Bros with the proviso that no existing wager supercedes this purchase and exchange of spirits.

Article 66:
If a Bro suffers pain due to the permanent dissolution of a relationship with a lady friend, a Bro shall offer nothing more than "that sucks, Bro" and copious quantities of beer. A Bro will also refrain from pejorative commentary - deserved or not - regarding said lady friend for a period of three months, when the requisite BACKSLIDE WINDOW has closed.

Article 67:
Should a Bro pick up a guitar at a party and commence playing , another Bro shall point out that he is a tool

Article 68:
If a Bro be on a hot streak, another Bro will do everything possible to ensure its longevity, even if that includes jeopardizing his own records, the missing of work; or temporary immigration to a foreign country.

Article 69:
No Bro should ever get a pedicure

Article 70:
A Bro should never highlight his hair.

Article 71:
A Bro should not talk to another Bro in the bathroom.

Article 72:
A Bro should never sing show tunes.

Article 73:
A Bro should never eat out of another Bro's hands.

Article 74:
Two men should not share an umbrella.

Article 75:
A Bro should not have "an outfit".

Article 76:
A Bro should not wear a white belt.

Article 77:
A Bro never cries. Unless it’s regarding Article 31.

Article 78:
A Bro should never wiggle out of a pair of pants.

Article 79:
No Bro can hit another Bro in the groin unless victim Bro has broken the Bro code.

Article 80:
A Bro may never seek entertainment from professional women's sports. Unless said entertainment be comedic or physical e.g. gymnastics, beach volleyball

Article 81:
What happens between bros stay between bros...
also known as the what happens in vegas stays in vegas rule and the what happens on tour stays on tour rule

Article 82:
If a Bro catches another Bro in plagiarism - albeit awesome plagiarism - a Bro shall be required to ask the Bro to cite his source.

Article 83:
A Bro can not cock-block another Bro UNLESS sleeping with said girl would break a Bro code.

Article 84:
Love thy neigh-Bro

Article 85:
No bros night out can start with "the wife put out some cheese" and end "with everyone at home by eleven, booya."

Article 86:
If said bros is lost to a relationship, they must void all rights to use the bros code for any purpose and are rightfully subjected to any and all humorous ploys made to said post-bros by previous bros.

Article 87:
A Bro shall at all times say 'Yes'.

Article 88:
Any bros who notice a fellow bros passed out at any social gathering due to drug or alcohol consumption, is obligated to take humiliating photo's and/or videos of the passed out bros; unless said bros has consumed a whiskey, rum, scotch or other hard liquor to an excess of a ratio of: once ounce:3kg of body mass (7lbs imperial)

Article 89:
"A Bro may never pursue the mom of another Bro." Be it here resolved that at no point is it permissible for one Bro to engage in carnal delicacies with another Bro's mother. It is, however, allowed and encouraged for one Bro to graphically suggest to a Bro the athletic feats, animalia, and/or machinery utilized during a fictional encounter with his mom. [[NOTA BENE: It is customary for a Bro to avoid such Brocularity if his Bro's mom is a 9 or better, for fear of Oedipal inducement.]] Should a Bro discover his Bro is in fact adopted, he is free to pursue his Bro's adoptive mother, but only after first corroborating non-biological parentage through notarized birth certificates, hospital records, or comparative dioxyribonucleic acid gel electrophoresis, whichever is easiest. Since the adopted Bro cannot legitimately claim to have shared a canal with his Bro, ARTICLE 89 expressly prohibits the adopted Bro from invoking the Sloppy Second clause in any related filings with the International Court of Bros. Though the mom of a Bro is always off limits, the step-mom of a Bro is allowed if she initiates it and/or is wearing at least one article of leopard print clothing. If she looks good in it.

Article 90:
No bros should know any fellow bros weight for any reason. Previous bros code stipulation should only have an assumed weight. If the assumed weight is on the turning point of humility and peace, humility over-rides

Article 91:
When bros are up for the same promotion/job position and are subjected to interviews, bros in a prior interview must alert bros of any and all trick questions they can remember. This ensures all bros get an equal chance at the position/title because it is well known fact that the bros performing the interview wants to get the process over as quick as possible and the only way for a fair chance is to make all subsequent bros seem better.

Article 92:
When a bros introduces a fellow bros to their hot female friend, the introducer has the rights to the girl. The introduced bros can only attempt to get the girl if the introducer bros gives his consent.

Article 93:
If any bros acts out of line and defies any bros code during a multiple bros conversation with any number of girls, the other bros have the right to tell any humiliating stories and facts about said bros for the purpose of ruining said bros chances with the girl(s).

Article 94:
Should a Bro (1st, 2nd or 3rd) be hooking up with an unattractive woman, the Bro that notices this must do all in their power to stop said Bro from closing the deal, unless they are helping another Bro with Article 60.

Article 95:
Any girl passing out in a non-bedroom designated area of a dwelling occupied by more than one bros is not up for grabs under any circumstances. Additionally, said girl can be subjected to humiliating photos as long as other bros are alerted to its undertaking

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101 reasons why you should hate Kenya West is Dumb.!!!!!!!!!!

view the video here

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Something about merdeka

Taken from Alvin

Where did u go for merdeka eve ?? What did u do for merdeka eve ? Did u have a blast ??? Merdeka celebration was a blast in Kuala Lumpur !!! What Crap is this ???

I just drove somewhere near had a meal with another Malaysian and a Sri Lankan.. thats all..

Merdeka !! A word i respect.. a word i appreciate very much.. a word that contains.. all the tears.. the blood and the pain.. gone through by those people who fought for the independence of this country.. They were UNITED and the fought for it with all their heart and they got it.. I still remember my grandfather told me.. when they hear to Tunku Abdul Rahman's voice saying MERDEKA proudly that day.. the people even had goose bumps.. it was that special..

They got the independence.. for what ??? for us to still be like this ?? RACISM everywhere.. A fellow fren from another country said after spending few years here.. " Racism is like a built in our body system and its like we r born with it ".. We must feel ashamed when someone else see this in our country that we always BOAST about being.. Multiracial.. Multicultured.. Multinational..

Young kids are being told by their parents.. that is a malay.. this is an indian and the other one is a chinese.. why?? why they should be told like this ?? why should they grow up thinking that we r all different ?? My parents did not teach anything like that ?? Until this second.. I have Malay.. Chinese and Indian frenz who even do anything at all for me.. who will even die for me.. If i can.. why cant the rest.. ??

I'll tell u what is Merdeka.. Merdeka is.. when we be in this country without any difference.. Merdeka is when we see each other.. we be together.. we smile.. and do everything sincerely from the heart.. not just for name sake.. smile in front of them.. and talk bad or hate them in reality.. Merdeka is when u can count on anyone and trust them regardless of RACE n RELIGION.. Merdeka is when there is no built in hatred among Malaysians.. Merdeka is when i see any application form.. without the Malay.. Indian.. Chinese.. and Lain Lain column.. There should only be 2 columns.. Malaysian and Non Malaysian.. Merdeka is when one of us r in a foreign country and we can still say proudly that I'm A Malaysian.. Merdeka is when there is TOTALLY NO RACISM and difference between the people who were born and live here..

If all this happen.. then u come and ask me.. Lets Celebrate Merdeka.. I will surely celebrate it..
Do u all think this is impossible.. I dont think so.. I think its very possible.. Its all in us.. If everyone else think like i do.. We can achieve this.. and always remember.. even now i'm writing for all of us.. for us Malaysians.. for our country Malaysia..

So lets do something about this.. enuff is enuff.. we wanna be like this ? or we wanna become the number 1 country in the world.. we are capable.. ONLY IF... we unite.. DONT SIMPLY say.. sing or shout 1 MALAYSIA... NO USE..

Lets make this become reality.. where can sincerely feel and proudly say.. I'm Malaysian..

Towards a better future.. Best wishes of 52nd Merdeka..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

S class Accident

So tell me How can This

Turn to This

Drive safely people....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coming Sooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Best Way to cure Sore Throat

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad of our country's best movie producer who produced beautiful adverts passed away. sigh. When will our country ever gonna get another person like her again..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

21 Guns

Do you know what's worth fighting for
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take you breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins...

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jurassic Park

Scenes From Jurassic Park

Scenes NOT From Jurassic Park


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


bubba_t2000: tan su yi...
bubba_t2000: i got some bad news and good news
suyi tan: yes?
suyi tan: my heart still can take it
bubba_t2000: bad news..his hard disk crashed....
suyi tan: again???
bubba_t2000: his hard disk crashed
suyi tan: hmm
suyi tan: n then?
bubba_t2000: good news..
bubba_t2000: eventhough his hard disk crashed....i am still alive..
suyi tan: cheh
suyi tan: not that good only what
suyi tan: ahahahahahhahahah

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Visit to KLIA Air traffic Control ( Part 2 )

ATC giving clearance for takeoff to Air Asia X'calibur A340 to Penang.

If not mistaken the ATC is communicating with IRAN AIR

View at the Control Tower

The Monitors

MAS B738 approaching KLIA

Air Asia A330 arriving from Melbourne

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Trip to KLIA Air trafic controller

Air Iran requesting for Takeoff

Air Traffic Controller giving clearance to Iran Air for Takeoff

this is just a teaser....more pics and videos will come soon..

Monday, March 02, 2009

My first Food Post..

Yeah i know you peeps are looking forward to The China warrior crap...

anyway here is some food critique

One sunny saturday, me, Bobo and Leau went to Ribs@ Oasis for lunch.

And this is what we had


Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme
Absolutely 'weird' stle of cooking and the mushrooms are not well cooked

Sausages with Onion and Chili
Quite ok

Main Dishes

Grilled Belly Oriental Pork Ribs
It was a big portion with a very oriental souce. Taste was a bit weird for Bobo. Mashed potato was also a bit sucky.

Roasted Smokey BBQ Baby Back Pork ribs
Nice BBQ sauce with some taste of HP Sauce. BOBO enjoyed this which he said was ok.

Pork Meatball Pasta ( Leau called it Chinese Wan Tan Mee )
Juicy mouthful pork balls with mildly flavoured tomato sauce.Bobo liked it coz they used PORK..hehe


Apple and Banana Crumble with Haagen Dazs ice cream
Quite OK


Iced Water


Riblicious Thrist Quencher

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The warrior from China ( Part 2 )

Things were getting bad in China with BOy Boy around...

Innocent people in China were getting jailed..

China PoP Star Liu Britney who sang the famous song Eat Me Babi One More Time got 'speared'

There was so much chaos everywhere.....seriously..

It wasnt long before Persatuan Ultraman Bobo in China ( PUBIC ) decided to send their strongest Man to fight off Lord Boy BOy and his group of cronies

He Rushed in with his Special Vehicle preparing for battle.....

and he fought the battle like a true warrior his Dreams

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The warrior from China

LOONGGGG before you the southern province of China lived a chinese warrior by the name of

Muthu ( Dont ask whats why the chinese warrior has an indian name, i am bad at history )

Anyway..Muthu was a good swordsman. He could whoop zorro ass anytime. He was a nice guy, but the problem was he had too many scandals. ( His little sword controls his lust ).

As a result he has way 2 Many concubines.

China was a happy place.....

People were Happy

and sang songs...

And that was until Lord BOy BOy...the bad guy turn up with his 40 warriors.

Ahh Yes....Lord BOy BOy with his Warriors..

but pardon Lord Boy BOy..he needs to check if he is a boy at times.

With their appearance....everyone in China became so worried.

Princess Pinjiro from Fujian Province decided to take things into her own hands.

But unfortunately.......she herself was disgusted at Lord BOy BOy..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

My idol

No city honors its heroes like New York - and no one's more beloved here today than miracle pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.

Thousands of readers flooded with suggestions on how to honor the US Airways splashdown pilot whose Hudson River landing is the talk of the whole world.

Here's a sampling:

"This man deserves a ticker-tape parade! I believe he should be in the Canyon of Heroes!" wrote bonz7311.

"These are the people we should idolize," wrote denalist. "People that save lives. Give this man a medal!"

Wrote nicolo: "Give him the key to the city. A true hero, who remained calm, cool, collected, thought only of his passengers and crew and then made sure everyone got off the plane safely."

"Sully! Sully! Sully!" cheered kingbenny. "Dude has ice-water in his veins ... Buy him a shot and a beer - just not before flight time."

"Way to go Sully," posted Mr.Hotteeth. "I'm sure you won't have any problems getting a loan or getting someone to lend you a few bucks."

"Sully, Sully, Sully," echoed Ernetoman. "I want that guy honored at the Super Bowl."

Those weren't the only rewards suggested on the site for the savior of USAirways Flight 1549 - or "the flying stud" as one reader deemed Sullenberger - and there was more than one sports reference, too.

"Captain Sully," wrote LifeLongREALYan, "you are a true hero, not the false kind that are looked upon today for throwing a football or hitting a home run. The job you did, Captain, was to us a miracle but I'd bet dollars to donuts all you did was your job and what a job it was. Thank you sir for giving us all hope that things are going to start to turn around in this great country of ours."

"What an amazing story," wrote Stewie Griffin. "I, like everyone else applaud this man's professionalism, poise and grace under fire. And they say Mariano Rivera has ice water in his veins!"

And DJfromBrooklyn even asked: "Maybe Sully is now the top candidate for the Jets job?"

While Sullenberger might not be saving games for the Yankees or coaching Gang Green any time soon, he might have earned an even more distinguished position.

"It is only January 15th," wrote navy, "and we already have our 'Man of the Year 2009!' "

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some photography

was kinnda bored at home, so i tried my hands on some photography. Many were rejects though and here is one of my best shot of the week...

taken using Nikon Coolpix 2100