Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ok people...I am planning to start a new TV reality program which is


and the candidates are

Contestant 1

Macho, yet heavy on the weight. This buddy can sleep on 4 chairs. Look at his expression, full of Passion !!

Contestant 2

Cute and subtle, this contestant demonstrates that sleeping upright is possible. Kinky ??, maybe to some.

Contestant 3

This contestant has got what it takes to win this year. Just look at those arms dangling from the bed, you could see that he is way to serious in winning this year competition

Contestant 4

I guess this contestant could be the girls favourite. Check out that ballerrina pose, a signature sexy pose.

To Vote, just click on comments and state your preferred candidate. The winner will be decided on a future date. Check out our winner after 2 weeks.