Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The day i studied in library

Was suppose to blog about the incident in library but was too lazy. However Agnes blogged about it, so credits to her. Click on the link below...cheers

Tharan day out in the Library

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WE are PROUD of you


2 of the founders of FEG decided to pay a visit to Taufik's room. And while waiting for him to finish whatever ' business' he had in the toilet, this 2 founders decided to check his computer.

and this is what we found


Now i fully confirm that our Beloved Taufik is a true blooded FEG. There goes the Bank's man, whats next Sailor Man ??? Super Man ?? Spider Man ???

P/S To Richard, Steve, Aizu, Chee Wei, you may bring your thumbdrive and go to HB1 Wing A 1003 to save the files. Muahahahaha

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gosh,...we are in Wikipedia...

Goodness Gracious me...we are in WIKIPEDIA.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

When the FEG starts chatting

one night when everyone was busy with their stuff...

3 members of FEG and Alvin Martin started chatting in a conference

bubba_t2000: hey
chan chee wei: step over my dead body
bubba_t2000: FU
bubba_t2000: over my dead body
bubba_t2000: CIPPAAAAT
bubba_t2000: you dont talk
bubba_t2000: no cock no talk
Steve Lim: hahaha
bubba_t2000: eh
bubba_t2000: tonight my friend is here
Steve Lim: alvin masturbating
Steve Lim: -.-
bubba_t2000: i want to teman him a while..
Steve Lim: lol
Steve Lim: u are gay tharan
bubba_t2000: eh
chan chee wei: hey.. no la..
Steve Lim: who is that guy?
bubba_t2000: haha
chan chee wei: my ex roommate la..
dream chaser: jegan is coming now..
bubba_t2000: its chee way
chan chee wei: nodo..
Steve Lim: ok alvin
dream chaser: then when he is done with consultation maybe ok la
bubba_t2000: owh
Steve Lim: oh chicken rice only?
Steve Lim: no need go out 2 times
Steve Lim: tharan, come chicken rice today
bubba_t2000: eh
bubba_t2000: i was thinking bak kut teh
bubba_t2000: alvin how
bubba_t2000: 6am
bubba_t2000: bkt
bubba_t2000: at dengkil
bubba_t2000: for a change
Steve Lim: 6 am so late
bubba_t2000: anyone agree.?
bubba_t2000: coz..i got class at 9am.????
bubba_t2000: how.??
Steve Lim: alvin got futsal at 2am
dream chaser: yeah i got futsal at 2..
Steve Lim: alvin u want bkt or chicken rice?
dream chaser: anything will do for me dei..
dream chaser:
Steve Lim: lol
Steve Lim: then okay la
Steve Lim: bkt
chan chee wei: me same wif alvin..
chan chee wei: anythg..
Steve Lim: since tharan want it so bad
chan chee wei: btw i;m vegetarian
Steve Lim: hahahaha
bubba_t2000: i can give you my vege
Steve Lim: fuck u chan chee wei
Steve Lim: vege
bubba_t2000: ok la..chicken rice..
bubba_t2000: then that chee bai can eat his vege
chan chee wei: tis morning i'm vege..
Steve Lim: hahaha
Steve Lim: okay

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Partners in crime

Well..some superheroes have their own partners

such as

Batman and Robin

and the latest 'couple'

Hancock and Nocock. sweet.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Evolution of Cock

Well...thinking back...Cock has evolved a lot over the past few Centuries. Lets take a look

First it was


Then came


Next it evolved into



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FEG of the Month

Ladies and Gentleman

The FEG of the month goes to

* Drum ROlls *

Tuan Mohd Taufik bin Tuan Mohd Husin ( The Angle )

Taufik has been excelling as an FEG member by

1) Coming late to class ( > 20 minutes )
2) Skipping Class
3) Sleeping in Class
4) Not doing his assignments YET

We from FEG are proud to have you on board.

May you show the FEG spirit during Midterms..

p/s WE all know !!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

If bobo was in politics....

Have you ever thought that if bobo was in would it be.????


Dato Seri Bobo Chan will drastically fight for the reduction of pork prices in Malaysia. At the same time he would implement policies to make Bak Kut Teh as as the heritage food of Malaysia.


Dato Seri Chanchee bin Tun Wei goes around hoisting and kissing the Keris in his willingness to protect the rights of older man with problems with their ' keris '. Certain policies that he will come out with is free distribution of viagra and tongkat ali.


Dato Seri Samy Chan is a very influencial indian in the society. Together with his deputy Muthu Steve, they have made a difference in the indian society. He sent a lecturer who was racist to prison under the ISA ( I Support Anwar ) act. He also had the backing from HINDRAF.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BOBO has a confession

Yeah... he has a confession.

Guess what, BOBO has a

NO..not that furry little thing with claws that irritates the hell out of you in Mamaks..


he has a P*S*Y. ( Censored due to young and immature blog readers.)

Well this is how he confessed ,

( While on the way to class with me and Hari )

Tharan : One more time you talk about that topic again i am gonna shove my shoes up your rear

Bobo : What ??? Go ahead . You can shove your shoes right into my P*S*Y

So readers...what do you think ?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The awards

Well..i guess half of MMU peeps in cyber went to Melaka for the MMU awards.... Well for those who missed the awards...and dint win anything..

here is another awards ceremony...brought to you by

  • FYP of the Year 2008 : Fabian Ong Chun Sean
  • Couple of the Year 2008 : Teoh Chee Way & Christine Gee
  • Coconut of the year 2008 ( Male ) : Ken Khoo
  • Coconut of the year 2008 ( Female ) : Ng Wei Yoke
  • Flirter of the Year 2008 ( Male ) : Steve Lim Yee Wei
  • Flirter of the Year 2008 ( Female ) : Valerie Tan
  • Best Football Striking Partner of the year : Fabian Ong & Hari Hendran
  • Best Robot of the year 2008 : Lee Juin Hui
  • Best Crapper of the year 2008 : Celine Chew
  • Sleeping with Distinction award : Chan Chee Wei
  • Club of the year award : Cyberjaya Mamak Gang
  • Overall Club of the Year : Chicken Rice Club
  • Lifetime Club of the Year : THE OC's
  • Football Club of the year : The ACES
  • Lover of the Year : Dr. Alvin ' LOVE ' Martin
  • Crispy Female of the year : Lee Chui CHui
  • Bak Kut Teh eater of the Year award : Leau Siang Jing
  • Cholestrol of the year award : Tharan Gunaseelan
  • Pornstar of the year award : Adrian Hew
  • Pinjiro of the year 2008 : Eao Ping Ting
  • Sexy Eyes of the Year 2008 : Au Yong Keat Yee
  • Sexy Sisters of the year 2008 : Au Yong Sister ( Keat Yee & Vin Yee )
  • Yellow Army of the year 2008 : Laura Teo
  • Politician of the year : Lee Kar Ling aka Fong Po Kuan
  • Smoker of the year : Richard Thomas Fredricks
  • Good Student of the year : Tuan Mohd Taufik
  • Best attendence in Mamak Gathering : Thinesh Raj
  • Best Mortal of the year : Tay Hui Lynn
  • Toilet story of the year : Kak Rin

Congratulations to all the winners..And may you guys win again next year :P

Friday, July 04, 2008

The day i played with the oven

Yeah...i decided to ambush my mom 'sacred' kitchen, the place where i am banned to be in for my usual so called ' quality checks ' on the food.


i am too lazy to write on what happen prior to the insident but i had my mom permission to bake a pizza. it was more like i tried to destroy the kitchen but the outcome was resonably ok..

I started by chopping up all the ingredients into small pieces. those things on the plate were sausages and chicken meat.

Then i started with the dough. It was tough, and i had to do a bit of cheating work here. I had to rope in the help of my mom to evenly spread the dough. I wanted it to be thin crust, however there was a lot of dough so i made it into the normal crust pizza

As i had a lot of ingredients and a lot of dough, i decided to make 2 pizzas. One chicken and one Tuna. Tuna was nice, with lots of pepsicum and all. Unfortunately, i didnt have much cheese with me. It was too late to rush down to the nearest supermarket. so i had to make do with whatever i had with me.

Next, into the oven it went. 200 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes. Honestly this was the boring part, so i went to watch tv upstairs. And me being me, i forgot i had the pizza in the oven , till the maid came running telling me it was done.

I pulled out the Pizza from the oven and it was ready to be eaten

My family gave it a 3 out of 5

NEXT on the hit list....ROASTED CHICKEN.....