Friday, July 04, 2008

The day i played with the oven

Yeah...i decided to ambush my mom 'sacred' kitchen, the place where i am banned to be in for my usual so called ' quality checks ' on the food.


i am too lazy to write on what happen prior to the insident but i had my mom permission to bake a pizza. it was more like i tried to destroy the kitchen but the outcome was resonably ok..

I started by chopping up all the ingredients into small pieces. those things on the plate were sausages and chicken meat.

Then i started with the dough. It was tough, and i had to do a bit of cheating work here. I had to rope in the help of my mom to evenly spread the dough. I wanted it to be thin crust, however there was a lot of dough so i made it into the normal crust pizza

As i had a lot of ingredients and a lot of dough, i decided to make 2 pizzas. One chicken and one Tuna. Tuna was nice, with lots of pepsicum and all. Unfortunately, i didnt have much cheese with me. It was too late to rush down to the nearest supermarket. so i had to make do with whatever i had with me.

Next, into the oven it went. 200 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes. Honestly this was the boring part, so i went to watch tv upstairs. And me being me, i forgot i had the pizza in the oven , till the maid came running telling me it was done.

I pulled out the Pizza from the oven and it was ready to be eaten

My family gave it a 3 out of 5

NEXT on the hit list....ROASTED CHICKEN.....

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