Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BOBO has a confession

Yeah... he has a confession.

Guess what, BOBO has a

NO..not that furry little thing with claws that irritates the hell out of you in Mamaks..


he has a P*S*Y. ( Censored due to young and immature blog readers.)

Well this is how he confessed ,

( While on the way to class with me and Hari )

Tharan : One more time you talk about that topic again i am gonna shove my shoes up your rear

Bobo : What ??? Go ahead . You can shove your shoes right into my P*S*Y

So readers...what do you think ?


cheewei said...

Yes! Come on.. MMU on sale.. But Bobo Chan still charging same old price.. Special discount for FEG members.. :)

Anonymous said...

well tharan, bobo will always be bobo.i guess he's still at it after the edison scandal. :D

xenac said...

steve asking if he can add my discount to his discount, and get double discount wor. i wasn't too interested, but steve was overly excited. lol

cheewei said...

for darling steve: since we are the FEG founders.. FOC for you, :P

for babe richard: you wasn't too interested, but you aren't hate me.. We can try work it out.. You never try, you never know..

Tharan said...

* looks around shocked...

Steve said...

I love FEG. Chee Wei, I need u tonight! Baby richard, i love u for giving me the double discount opportunity.