Thursday, July 24, 2008

When the FEG starts chatting

one night when everyone was busy with their stuff...

3 members of FEG and Alvin Martin started chatting in a conference

bubba_t2000: hey
chan chee wei: step over my dead body
bubba_t2000: FU
bubba_t2000: over my dead body
bubba_t2000: CIPPAAAAT
bubba_t2000: you dont talk
bubba_t2000: no cock no talk
Steve Lim: hahaha
bubba_t2000: eh
bubba_t2000: tonight my friend is here
Steve Lim: alvin masturbating
Steve Lim: -.-
bubba_t2000: i want to teman him a while..
Steve Lim: lol
Steve Lim: u are gay tharan
bubba_t2000: eh
chan chee wei: hey.. no la..
Steve Lim: who is that guy?
bubba_t2000: haha
chan chee wei: my ex roommate la..
dream chaser: jegan is coming now..
bubba_t2000: its chee way
chan chee wei: nodo..
Steve Lim: ok alvin
dream chaser: then when he is done with consultation maybe ok la
bubba_t2000: owh
Steve Lim: oh chicken rice only?
Steve Lim: no need go out 2 times
Steve Lim: tharan, come chicken rice today
bubba_t2000: eh
bubba_t2000: i was thinking bak kut teh
bubba_t2000: alvin how
bubba_t2000: 6am
bubba_t2000: bkt
bubba_t2000: at dengkil
bubba_t2000: for a change
Steve Lim: 6 am so late
bubba_t2000: anyone agree.?
bubba_t2000: coz..i got class at 9am.????
bubba_t2000: how.??
Steve Lim: alvin got futsal at 2am
dream chaser: yeah i got futsal at 2..
Steve Lim: alvin u want bkt or chicken rice?
dream chaser: anything will do for me dei..
dream chaser:
Steve Lim: lol
Steve Lim: then okay la
Steve Lim: bkt
chan chee wei: me same wif alvin..
chan chee wei: anythg..
Steve Lim: since tharan want it so bad
chan chee wei: btw i;m vegetarian
Steve Lim: hahahaha
bubba_t2000: i can give you my vege
Steve Lim: fuck u chan chee wei
Steve Lim: vege
bubba_t2000: ok la..chicken rice..
bubba_t2000: then that chee bai can eat his vege
chan chee wei: tis morning i'm vege..
Steve Lim: hahaha
Steve Lim: okay


Jia Wei said...

Actly,wats FEG?
Sorry tharan,i lost track.

Steve said...

Jia Wei. It's ok. Let me explain to u. FEG is an association of Financial Engineering Community. What we do is truly amazing, we bring happiness to this cruel world, we come late to class just to show others actually we have FREEDOM and we are in control of our own time. Btw, this is only of the things that we do. Just one bad things about FEG, we are gays. =D And we proud to be one okay!