Sunday, July 06, 2008

The awards

Well..i guess half of MMU peeps in cyber went to Melaka for the MMU awards.... Well for those who missed the awards...and dint win anything..

here is another awards ceremony...brought to you by

  • FYP of the Year 2008 : Fabian Ong Chun Sean
  • Couple of the Year 2008 : Teoh Chee Way & Christine Gee
  • Coconut of the year 2008 ( Male ) : Ken Khoo
  • Coconut of the year 2008 ( Female ) : Ng Wei Yoke
  • Flirter of the Year 2008 ( Male ) : Steve Lim Yee Wei
  • Flirter of the Year 2008 ( Female ) : Valerie Tan
  • Best Football Striking Partner of the year : Fabian Ong & Hari Hendran
  • Best Robot of the year 2008 : Lee Juin Hui
  • Best Crapper of the year 2008 : Celine Chew
  • Sleeping with Distinction award : Chan Chee Wei
  • Club of the year award : Cyberjaya Mamak Gang
  • Overall Club of the Year : Chicken Rice Club
  • Lifetime Club of the Year : THE OC's
  • Football Club of the year : The ACES
  • Lover of the Year : Dr. Alvin ' LOVE ' Martin
  • Crispy Female of the year : Lee Chui CHui
  • Bak Kut Teh eater of the Year award : Leau Siang Jing
  • Cholestrol of the year award : Tharan Gunaseelan
  • Pornstar of the year award : Adrian Hew
  • Pinjiro of the year 2008 : Eao Ping Ting
  • Sexy Eyes of the Year 2008 : Au Yong Keat Yee
  • Sexy Sisters of the year 2008 : Au Yong Sister ( Keat Yee & Vin Yee )
  • Yellow Army of the year 2008 : Laura Teo
  • Politician of the year : Lee Kar Ling aka Fong Po Kuan
  • Smoker of the year : Richard Thomas Fredricks
  • Good Student of the year : Tuan Mohd Taufik
  • Best attendence in Mamak Gathering : Thinesh Raj
  • Best Mortal of the year : Tay Hui Lynn
  • Toilet story of the year : Kak Rin

Congratulations to all the winners..And may you guys win again next year :P


tuantaufik said...

Dey, why me good student, IF im a good student, Amy Sim is the best MMU President...:P Anyhow, I agree about the best toilet story of the Year :Kak Rin!...

rin said...

wah2..all of u still making fun of my cutest handphone.but tharan neway thanx for that award.n taufik thanx again for bein my bad "angle" ever.

CheeWay said...


i think you are the coconut of all time:D

tuantaufik said...

kAKRIN, I think misspelling the worst that could have happen..but seriously, i think the right way of spelling malaikat is angle :P hahahahahahaha

rin said...

nevermind taufik..the best think have ever happened to a person is just to what they did..especially their mistake..arent they :P...
n chee wei i agree to tharan always been a coconut :P

Chee Way said...

hi rin,

i think u think i am chancheewei:P...i am his roommate teohcheeway:P

Jiun aka Robot said...

All Bodooooooooo~~!!!! muahahahahaha...Taufiq Bodooooo!!! Thanks Tharan for mispelled my name. hehehehe..all the best for you all. Cheers!! and i would like to have a piece of Tharan's pizza in the next Oc's outing. C ya!!

BB said...

tharan coconut u wan me pinjiro u... u spell my name wrong!!! i think best flirt goes to ken la... steve shud be best coconut.... hahaha...

ummum said...

wey weyy.. why i didnt win anything? demmit :P~ but give me sumthing beter than rin's award haha..~

fab said...

fyp of the year?me?mm...
a late nomination for mohin: the best turban wrapper