Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The warrior from China ( Part 2 )

Things were getting bad in China with BOy Boy around...

Innocent people in China were getting jailed..

China PoP Star Liu Britney who sang the famous song Eat Me Babi One More Time got 'speared'

There was so much chaos everywhere.....seriously..

It wasnt long before Persatuan Ultraman Bobo in China ( PUBIC ) decided to send their strongest Man to fight off Lord Boy BOy and his group of cronies

He Rushed in with his Special Vehicle preparing for battle.....

and he fought the battle like a true warrior his Dreams

To Be Continued...

1 comment:

CheeWay said...

"Innocent people in China were getting jailed.."

a coconut cant be considered as Chinese

and from the pic, i saw three horny guy trying to sneak through the gate to the girls' hostel