Monday, December 27, 2004

Post Christmas Joke


One night in December, Ah Beng and his girlfriend Ah Lian were sitting under the moonlight. It was a romantic full moon, when Ah Beng said: "Hey baby, let's play Weeweeshiu." "Oh no, not now, I'm shy-lah" said Ah Lian. "Oh, c'mon baby, let's play Weeweeshiu because I love you and its the perfect time," Ah Beng begged. "No. No" "Please, please...just once play Weeweeshiu with me." "OK, we'll play Weeweeshiu." Ah Beng grabbed his guitar and both sang...

"Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
Weeweeshiu a merry Christmas,
and a happy New Year."

1 comment:

miNg said...

ey tharan...ming herela..good one..ahahaaha:P