Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas everybody

Hello there......its been a while since i last blogged. Been busy with tons of work , and also assignments. Well lately i have been missing my friends over at Cyber......Fabian , Chee way , Adrian , Fong , Su Chen , Colleen and also the Group 12 buddies Wei Jin , Wei Ming , Karen , Seow Wei , Cavi .....haih wondered if i made the wrong choice. I believed that , ever since i was born i always made the wrong choices in life......haih. And also my results for last sem was aint that good either.....haih....bad. it is Christmas day , and i am sitting here BBU...wonder what the heck i am doing.....played football , went out.....and a few la....but still boring

Anyway here are some pics which i took from a camera ( Nokia 6600 ) . Thanks to Darween for letting me use his phone..heheh

Seventh floor

Mmu at Night

Melaka Town

Can you see the SIA B777 ????

Yumm.... yumm had this for dinner !!!!!


Adrian Hew said...

i told u to come cyberjaya u dun wan...haha
dun miss us ok...
it wuz ur choice to stay in melaka...haha

Anonymous said...

Purely an outsider's view: Cyber looks like a sucky place anyway...maybe Mlk is a better place for you. Heard the girls there are prettier too!

And what's that bowl of chow in the picture? Looks like horse food. You need more nourishment thatn that, my friend. Try Power Root, Tongkat Ali or Viagra...

©p|4y8o!™ said...

come on baby....cheer up:D, if u r free drop by here to visit us more often, coz we miss u too

fuz-buh said...

if u miss us, then u should come over for visits!!!! :D