Sunday, April 29, 2007

A chat with a good old friend

i was chatting with my good ol pal jag from uk...and he always has some words or stories to share with...Here goes the conversation

mohin says:
wanna hear s story

Tharan says:
ok go ahead

mohin says:
there was this boy always dream of buying a honda car.....

mohin says:
since he was 20 he wanted to buy it

mohin says:
he reach 25 di he was still driving a kancil...

mohin says:
he reach 28 di he was still driving a kancil

mohin says:
he reach 30 di he was still driving a kancil....suddenly on his 31st bday his gf bought him a ferrari

mohin says:
whats the moral

Tharan says:
be patient..and you will get the best

so remember that.....BE PATIENT AND YOU WILL GET THE BEST....


fuz-buh said...

moral of the story, he didnt achieve his dream coz after all, ferrari wasnt his dream car. :P

Anonymous said...

nice one dey! knock some sense in...


The Weiyang said...

thats like saying i want this girl but never get...and suddenly on my 30th b'day i get a brazilian supermodel. not exactly wat i want leh...haha