Sunday, April 15, 2007

Going Paranoid.?

WEll...first and formost...Happy New Year to all Hindus and Punjabis . I certainly dont know what year it is in Hindu years.....5 thousand something kot...ahhaa. Anyway just to share something. The other day, i woke up suddenly from sleeping in the morning. I had this strange and weird feeling that i was going to die. Serioulsly....i dont know why ....not a dream or something but i really felt that my end was near or something. very weird , but after that i did a few strange things. I went and Sorted out all my notes and arranged all my textbooks, and telling Fabian about my stuff. ( HE wanted my Laptop damn...if i die , but i think him getting 4 flat should be more than enough ..haha ). Anyway a few days later, i had a few bad encounters,

1 . IT happened in the new FIT building, while talking to someone after a meeting, i lost my balance and fell backwards on the side railing of FIT building. Damn...i was quite scared but thank got the railing was there to hold me back.

2. IN taiping, i went out to town to get some stuff. As it was raining, and my mom car had no umbrella ( Rather strangely ) i got out from the car , locked the car and just ran across the road. AS i ran, a van in which i didnt see screeched to a halt a few meters away from me. Gosh...nearly got knocked down.

Otherwise......i am still save and sound. hahaha..( Yess kree i am still very much alive......) HOwever, if anything happens to me , i would like to wish all of you guys roxx. YOu trully made my life memorable and thanks for everything.

See ya...:P

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cavi said...

mental! go study la! die it seems! don't die, if you die, fabian also will die! if fabian dies, i will die! =)) :p okok at least don't die till you bring a car to mmu, once u bring the car, if u die, i'll take the car :D