Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tech time 2005

hi guys....

TECH TIME 2005 was a blast. You know why...??? because TOP FLIGHT security was on duty.....haha. There was many vendors and pricess of things was damn cheap. Super duper cheap. I was interested in a particular printer but it was too expensive. Anybody care to give me money.???? i need RM 300. pleaseeeeeeee. The printer that i am interested in is Epson C45. Damn cool wei....waterproof....and also the print quality is damn excelent.Super duper.....i give it a 5 out of 5.

Anyway , i went out with shahril , suraj and anand on thursday. Shahril started with his story of openning a shop. ( I wish too warn gonna be very vulgar...hehe)

You know my sons...i am gonna open a shop. The name of the shop is Hustler's Cafe. My cafe got indian food and a burger corner. The burger corner will be damn good because it does not contain all those shits ( Vegetable), and also all the drinks will be bigg ass. And cheap. And i will employ all old geasers to become my waitresses and they will have to wear a bikini to serve my customers. There will be some male models to serve also...they will be damn handsome. My shop got no if you want to eat cucumbers..fuck off. And if my waiters touch the old geasers....i will kick his ass. And also i will plant the tables and chairs on the road so that nobody can park their cars. There will be a bouncer...coz only the rich and beautiful can eat in my shop. Must produce J forms then only can eat...if not Fcuk off. And the ambience will be black and blue...rather dark. And i wil play all trash songs ( heavy metal songs )

and suraj said that his shop is totally different than Shahril....i forgot what is the name of the shop....The Man's cafe maybe..??

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