Sunday, July 24, 2005

What a sunday

Well..well...first of all i woke up at 11.30....haih...yesterday me and Fabian was watching a stupid movie, it was suppose to be a scary movie but we ended up sleeping. Damn. Anyway, we went for lunch in HB1 and after that i and Chee Way went to library to do some revision. Nelson joined us at 5 and after that we could not study. We ended up talking about Masters, Phd and taxes and also some stuff regarding computer..hehehehe. ANyway..after that me , Fabian , Chee Way headed down to the field to kick some balls. WE were joined by Totoro Ping and Satkuru...i think that was his name . WE just kicked and passed thats all.

Anyway just now Chee Way was asking me about i decided to post some Pictures just to rekindle the Melaka Memories. So here goes Part 1


My house in UA

Image hosted by

MMU Melaka

Image hosted by

Guess which is me !!!

Image hosted by

Picture of Melaka taken from 7th Floor

Image hosted by

Stay tuned for more pictures to come......till then bye


m!lk_w@y said...

apalar u r the one talking one...not me....come faster bath then makan...then go library again

m!lk_w@y said...

tharan...not only a proven goalkeeper...he is a nice winger oso...with tortoise pace and great crosses:P

tharan said... usual..tortoise pace...wei big field la

Hustler said...

this my old house....tharan cibai u!!! go expose our old ass house to the whole wide world...u MAD R???!!!