Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yala...kree...for making so much fuss about the 2 korean guys dancing. I am not gay la...dumbass....just that i like the song. Jung Hwo Jumbo shit....something to do with CHinese restaurant in Korea. Nevermind...i shall introduce to all of you my gf...Hilary Duff..woo hoo. I like this song...Fabian wake up song in the morning. Wake up Wake up..haha but we never wake up also. Maybe She should sing Please Wake Up Wake up...ha

Anyway i have a test tomorrow. Damn..damn...damn. I think MMU is gonna kill us with tests. Screw you MMU....oops..i hope Mr President does not see this. I am sure gonna be screwed by him.hahha. Anyway see ya.

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