Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Afternoon IN alamanda

Woke up at 12.... then wake fabian up...but as usual he slept till 1 plus.

Message tiger

Me : Lunch What time
Tiger : About 1.15
Me : Make it round figure 1.30
Tiger : okok.
Tiger : Wake your roomate up

The conversation was something like that.....

then drove to alamanda...cant find days damn hard to find parking. hard to pusing and pusing like a donkey ..then only found one. Thanks to a family in a yellow Getz.

Then go mam mam in Ayamas....damn chun..but the nicest was Tiger...his was like cheese spread all over the rice...look like pizza.

anyway...i learned a few things today...

1 Siang Chen Wo
2 Cannot drink yogurt in room because no air con.

that all..i have to reformat my computer today...because stupid trojan attacked my system.


siewlee said...

AYAMAS?!ur description of da food tempted me so much!hello...please ah >:O nxt time b considerate a bit ah, pity me laju plus express!!! send 1 ketul 2me laRrr!! :)
it is worthwhile 2pusing-pusing like a donkey 4dat ayamas!

tharan said...

haha.... eleh..Germany got much more better food than this Ayamas.... :P

cavi said...

hmmmm..:-? search for parking....hmmm :->...wahhh! who's car ah? papa buy car ah? ...or ...:-? rented? ^o) wakakakakakaka! ;p

tharan said...

Mr Lim Hsiu Fuhh Car

Anonymous said...

i tot u got take pic wif ur 5 series, post it up lah jgn malu2