Thursday, April 06, 2006

More picss !!!

Yo....this might be the last post for the week. Will be heading back to taiping for the weekend and will be there till next wed. haha..most probably i will be sleeping and eating and sleeping and wathcing tv. haha. And i am sure my parents are gonna make me drive here and there...become a driver for them.haih.

ANyway here are some prom pics...Enjoy

Reshmonu in action

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Danial Lee, Malaysian Idol 2 winner

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Jacklyn Victor. hehe. She has an absolute sexy voice. simply unbeatable

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Anonymous said...

Seems like u found a job dat suits u so much (a driver) after u retired from being da so-called king of misscall.not bad not bad!

keep it up! yo~

Guess who?
Newly-throne-holder-of-Misscall-Expert ;p

Anonymous said...

such a relaxing life rite~?;b not bad!! i bet u would find it interesting after ur official retirement from da king of misscall.*evil laugh* HA HA HA HA :D

from guess-who-? :b

cavi said...

why put pics of jac n resh, man?! we can get their pics ne where... put pics of u! 4 god's sake /:)

tharan said...

@ cavi - Lazy wanna put my pics...put other pics ler..hahaa

@ Siew Lee - you not the king yet..i thought we agreed to share the throne..? Hows Germany..?