Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its been a while

Yo guys and peeps and girls...

Its been a long while since i last updated my useless blog. Been in a delemma for a long time since last week. Do you have a feeling that people around you hate you for what you are. I dont really know why...but i feel that people around me hate me for some it because i it because i said something to them or izzit because...... Anyway i have one negative thingy in me which is that i have negative thoughts. Someone once told me that i am sensitive...maybe i am ...just that i dont show it out to anyone. Maybe this is the first time i am actually blogging about my frustaration and so on. Anyway ..Life have to go on.

And Fabian was asking me about having a gf just now, and i told him wei...i am gonna die single at 85. Sleeping at the Old Folks homes...staring at the ceiling, with no one by my side..., without anyone crying....without anything. I doubt i have any funeral, maybe the old folks home people will just donate to some medical school...ask them to cut open my body. Damn.

Anyway.......see ya soon

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