Saturday, May 20, 2006

Last week of Sem 3

Finnally.....i am in the final week of Sem 3. Thinking back...what really have i achieved...not much actually. let me categories it down to a few categories.


Rather screwed up this whole year...seriously

Love Life

Same like the previous years.... single


Got worst..ACES Team manager/captain hinted that i might be warming up the bench in the future. Despite scoring some odd goals...but i have been constantly letting in goals at the back.


Same like years a nice family. No further comments


Got a new phone for my bday, a new laptop to replace my previous one and a new printer.

Thats all for today...need to hit the books again.


©p|4y8o!™ said...

no sem will be da time to start changin, remember?....u can do it:D....well, talking bout aces team, hmmmm....i think u will still be given a few last trials b4 pushing u to bench spot:p....brush up on dat if u don wanna keep da bench warm everytime:P

Weiyang said...

Your love life...same like previous years, huh? Well at least you're better than me. My history with women reads like a train wreck...

guleng said...

My Summary on YOU

Great effort put inside...keep it up...and change abit of your style in studying....

Love Life
Same like the previous years...a massive support from a gal

Sports already roommate as a striker also perform better:P...put more effort..ur sliding is good but try not to make it two feet:P

nothing much to comments..just i can see this lion will go back to PJ and taiping whenever he has man

Yea...apart of that...u also got great things from tiger...dont forget to give credit to him:P

Dont worry. you have great buddies around you to support you all the time:P...try again next semester and dont give up

Adrian Hew said...

keep on pushing urself to study...remember to improve ur study methods...n never give up..eheh...all da best macha...

cavi said...

wah tan sri, got life summary oso ah :-?..hehe, not bad,
neway, life got ups and dwns, der r good times, der r bad times,
but don't believe in fate, juz hv faith, coz evrything dat happens in life it is ur doin,

of course der is much imprvement n concern, der is alwiz a time where we r all naughty n playful but i guess once u start thinkin of d future u will get serious n b a good boy dee..u r becoming a good boy ;)

love life:
now not so inportant la, tan sri now ony 21 rite? got so many more yrs, enjoy wid frens 1st, u hv a very wonderful bunch of frens, very supportive i think, i believe they love u a lot n want d best 4 u oso, so spend sm golden time wid dem 1st la, u go find gf now, pity fabian, he got no more quality time wid his roomie..ehem ehem (doin wat in d room ah);p

:-j kekekeke..don worry so much la, juz need to brush up, u will! u shud know better, there is always a season 4 sm1 2 warm d bench...;p

from wat i c, i think u have a beautiful family n have nothing to worry about, juz keep lovin dem as much as u love urself..there's nothin more precious than family's love :)

wah laiao, lucky fella got a new h/p! ;p

haha! in conclusion, don wrry too much, life wil b smooth wid ur own conduct, n there's smtin my papa alwiz tells me, remember, 'there's no hopeless situaitons, there r only hopeless people'

all d best ;)