Sunday, May 21, 2006

Financial Engineer VS Electronics Engineer.

Engineers , Engineers, Engineers,
They are all around us,
Everywhere, all over the place,
THats MMU for you.

We have heard of Electronics Engineer many many times...but Financial Engineer...???? Which donkey would be a financial engineer. I know one donkey...that resides in hb2 Wing C 4015.

Ok lets look up the definition on the internet

Electronics Engineering

Electronic engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the emission, behavior, and effects of electrons (as in electron tubes and transistors) and with electronic devices, systems or equipment. The term also now covers a large part of electrical engineering degree courses as studied at most European universities. Its practitioners are called electronics engineers

Financial Engineering.

Computational finance (also known as financial engineering) is a cross-disciplinary field which relies on mathematical finance, numerical methods and computer simulations to make trading, hedging and investment decisions, as well as facilitating the risk management of those decisions. Utilizing various methods, practitioners of computational finance aim to precisely determine the financial risk that certain financial instruments create

Those 2 definition is from

Now lets look at engineers from Tharan's point of view. !!!

Electronics Engineer.

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See how 'happy' is he. :P

Financial Engineer

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See how 'miang' is this Engineer. Celaka !!! *&^#%@ !!

So...which would you want to be? Electronics or Financial.?


guleng said...

dont be jealous of the 'greatness' of my roommate.:P

i dont think electronics engineers is bad afterall


u as an future electronic engineers

have a great gal supporting you all the time:)

u want me to mention her name?:P

guys and gals..msg me if u want to know who is she:P

Anonymous said...

haha yalah

your one more massive :D

©p|4y8o!™ said...

y didnt u put ur pic wif 3 gals dat u took in uNITE?:p....lets make comparison ma...

Adrian Hew said...

haha...wad abt the accountants? hehe...where's the comparison... =P la ur u-nite pic...wanna see ma..wakaka

cavi said...

wahhhh, give us d location of d financial engineer oso, not bad, quite cute, ;p taken or not? :D
why u give hostel add, not dat d girls can go up der oso rite,
give la h/p num ;p
wah liao, we electronics engineers oso quite teruk u kw..;))

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »