Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Impossible trip......

Once upon a time, in a land called cyberjaya....8 donkeys and one girl took off for a trip to Sunway Pyramid. To watch Mission Impossible 3. This 8 donkeys and 1 girl went in 2 cars... Tiger mobile and the Totoro Mobile. All of these cars are bulletprooof , and has GPRS and whatever shit. ( LIES). So this 9 hopefuls reached Sunway pyramid quite early. and headed towards GSC....but our Program Director. Captain Adrian HEw..was not there. So mam mam in A&W.... i had fish burger....nice...better than the fucked up ones served in Macdonalds. I and downed it with a bigg ass glass of Root Beer. haha.

ANyway..the movie was great....would have been better if i was acting. :P...hahaha..crap. Tom Cruise was good...imagine Mr bean being in MI3....haha..the bad ass guys would have shitted bricks..

then...supper in SS2. Capt adrian got his so called ' kawasan' missing the SS2 exit..haha pity totoro had to follow at the back. Ended up tong suiing in some place... I drank Rose longan crap....dont know what was that but it cost me a whopping 3.80 and that is without tax. BUt the highlight of the shop was when the old man came to serve me the drink.

OLD MAN : Here is your drink
Tharan : Uncle, is this the Longan rose crap....owh shit...sorry not rose crap..err...longan something something.
OLD MAN : Ahhhh ( Loooking scared + Blur + Dont know what to do )
Tharan : Tak pa tak pa....i take the drink.

Anyway for more report..please go to adrian site. The url is


Adrian Hew said...

haha...dam mangkuk la u...MI 3...MI 3 non can imagine tharan acting as tom cruise...u'll be going to IMF to be a international mother f*** ur mission to f*** as many momma's as u can..starting from FOOD...this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds

©p|4y8o!™ said... da oni thing he will save for da last:p

cavi said...

wakakakaka =)) funny la! now our next mission- 'teach tharan how to eat and drink more so that he can be hero for MI4'...huhuhu, i not yet watch MI3, cis! pergi tak ajak orang X( so, d only orang subang u take wid u is captain hew la ..;p