Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dating Tips for Dummies

So you guys wanna go on a date...????


Try to make everything as miserable as possible for her. When you arrive to pick her up in your car, get out to open the passenger door for her, but slam the door on her foot as she enters. She'll probably scream and end up crying but hey, you are a shoulder for her to cry on. Make sure to fart as much as possible in the car.


When you're eating, disregard cutlery and instead eat with your fingers, chewing loudly and belching. Fart as much as possible at the table. Try your best to drop lots of your food onto the table and floor, and make a good effort to spill your drink on her clothes (more than once if possible.)


Tell her that she can clean herself up at your house. When you arrive home get out of the car and forget that she's there. Call up one of your mates as you walk to the door and invite him over for pizza and movies. When she calls out to you, tell her you forgot she was there and point to the hose in the front yard for her to clean up. Finally tell her you had a good night and close the front door in her face.

By end of the day, She'll be so into you after that cause girls love assholes.

* editted from lowyat.


©p|4y8o!™ said...

i doubt so u will do dat on ur 1st date:p....maybe u shud try it out n let me noe da result:p

Adrian Hew said...

haha...u try it out la..maybe FOOD needs u to be the ugly one...the aggresor...the bad guy...she wants some1 to take charge n be the MAN! not some nice guy..eheh

cavi said...

omg tharmindran! :o
i doubt if u'll eva get married if u're gona b doin dis!

Weiyang said...

yeah, well this isn't hollywood is it? the underdog never gets the girl...

m!lk_w@y said...

great post...this is wat a man should do...u should let the gals know these is wat they suppose to do...dont lie to them by giving them good treatment in the beginning...let them learn it:P

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »

claire said...

LOL..funny but not practical ok?
Not all gurls like assholeS !!
WE love real gentlemen:)