Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Letter to my Friend ( Part One )

Dear Steve,

How are you ? How have you been keeping. Dont drink so much, it is bad for you Health. I know you are a true blooded indian that was made in China to cut cost, but try not to drink so much k. Anyhow, did you do your Numerical ANALysis tutorial. I am sure you did, for you always had an ANALytical mind among all of us.

Speaking of which, how is your Sugar Pie, BOBO ? Are you guys having a nice time playing backdoors, I am sure you are, for BOBO always thought that you were his MAIN DISH. You always tell me that Love is Blind. I truly agree after seeing both of you together.

I remember the day you told me this quote ;
" Loving a guy is like loving the sport u admire the most, it is hard work, takes allot of your time, but it is worth getting hot, sweaty n upset about

Though i didnt understand what it meant and it does not apply to me, i will keep it in mind and tell every girl that i see. Thank you.

I could never forget the day that BOBO had his first pair of " Pau's " . You were so excited, you shedded tears of joy. I were grateful it was something , i am sure you expected some " Tai Pau " but you were still very proud of that moment right. You told me, we must be grateful with what god gave us. And yes, i believe in that too.

But My friend Steve, there is a lot more i have to say. A lot more. I will continue in my next letter to you. Till then, play safe.

Yours sincerely,


Steve said...

why me? bitch!

BB said...

haha, damn gay u 2....

cheewei said...

hey babe stevie.. why don1 me? sad. :(