Friday, August 01, 2008

Confessions of a Broken Heart : The Ciline Story

A True Story.... of a Rubber Toy ball who loved another Rubber Toy Ball


An Absolute Tear Jerker.....i hope

Well, here goes





Hi, My name is Ciline. I am not sure how old i am because my owner never thought me how to count. I think i am less than 1 year old because there has been no birthday celebration in my life. Hmm, its allright, birthdays are not important anyway. Since the day i was kidnapped by an Angel who took me away from my family. The Angel was nice you know, she took care of me for a short while before she handed me to some coconut. That coconut then handed me to my current Owner. So that is how i came to this life.

At First, everyone around in the community liked me. I was Well Rounded, big and Bouncy. Yeah, i know some of you corrupted buggers would think dirty, but i was an innocent young ball. All i wanted was some love and care. I make people happy by letting them press me, squeeze me and so on so forth. But you know something, i am very special you know. I have a light inside me. Whenever people shake me, i light up. Like my angel said , It lights up your heart.I lived a very blessed live, it was great. People loved me, And i loved everyone.

Until one fine day. Some evil Giant by the name of BOBO, who sleeps like a pig, looks like a pig, eats like a pig, talks like a pig...everything about him also like a pig... even the pig also he eat.

Anyway this giant BOBO he came...and ....and....and....and.... and..* Sobs Sobs * I tried to shout no.....but..* Sobs Sobs* he was Strong. I tried to push him away..* Sobs Sobs * but he kept reaching for me * Sobs Sobs * but....he ..he...he...Started Holding me...and...Owh..i cant continue. Then suddenly...i lost it all....whatever i had in me that held me together...all gone.

All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Well my road to recovery was something like that story just that i was a little bit more lucky. I was placed together again, just that i looked a bit handicapped. Its not the same anymore for me as i am short, stout and ugly. People dont come and play with me anymore.

Only my owner still likes me. I was placed next to his bed. I looked rather sad in there, dark, gloomy and there are a lot of mosquitoes. Every Morning i get up with a jolt as i hear my friend Sam Sung the Handphone screaming something stupid. But, sometimes, actually most of the time my owner will not bother. After a long long long time, my owner will take a good look at Sam Sung and say " Owh Shit....i am Gonna Be Late !

Well anyway..thats nothing until one day i saw Someone....Omg....she just grabbed whatever attention i ever had. She was Damn Damn Damn hot....and she was damn beautiful. I was instantly turned on by by her attraction. Her name was Pinky by the way, and i never got chance to talk to her. I guess Girls,, err i mean Balls,, owh wait...ahhh whatever like her sure wont want to hang out with a person like me. Who would ever want a Ball like me, so small, not bouncy, soft, flabby. Just imagine an old Women's .....nvm forget what i said. WHO will ever want me....WHO WILL. TELL ME.....PLEASE !!!!!

Anyway, There are a few people who liked Pinky.

One is The donkey's Ass

owh shoot..wait..I meant ASS the Donkey. Check out that confident smile of his. You remember him in Shrek dont you ? That Bugger went and 'sailam' Princess Fiona From Shrek. Now having affair with her.

Then there is Gummy the Bear. This bear is a bit of a coconut. He is rich though, and he thinks that Pinky is a materialistic kindda ball and will sure be attracted to him.

Haih, so how am i gonna beat them to it. When i told them i was interested in Pinky, you know what they said

" OVER MY DEAD BODY " and they laughed their ass off. So how ?

So will there ever be a happy ending for me. Will there ever be any luck on my side. Will there ever be Anything for me ??

P/S Bloggers out there..wherever you are. If you read on this story...write a short story on Ciline and tell what it is suppose to do to win Pinky's heart. God Bless


Chee Way said...

ask Bobo go break Pinky...and she shall be yours:P

mystic said...

ROTFLMAO. Tharan strikes again! Its "Angel" still loves Ciline alot too!

cc said...

LOL!! I like ass the donkey. Very creative spin on the toys.

Anonymous said...

hari here tharan.awesome post yet again, keep up the good work bro.eagerly waiting for ur next interesting post!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

funny story to enjoy while u're bored at home...