Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Harry Potter

Harry Potter...hmm. I guess that its a very familiar name to you all. To begin with, it was my nickname way back in Form 4 when i was a prefect. All those Rascals who gave problems to the school nicknamed me Harry Potter. I always wondered why ? until my friend told me that when i started wearing glasses i looked like Harry Potter.

In fact, during OC 2007 play, i was Harry Potter. Damn. it brought back memories of the old days when this guy who sees me used to call me... HEY LOOK..its Harry POTTER.

and no..i didnt write his name under the BP010 ( Tidak Menghormati Pengawas )

Well anyway..if i was Harry Potter. This would be some of the things i would have done.

I would turn this

Bobo Chan

Into This

I would Turn This

Steve Lim

Into This

I would turn this

Richard T. F.

Into This

I would turn this


Into This



Suganya Reddy said...

haha..u made me laugh when I saw Prof Sarma's picture ther..lolx! u can be the next Karen Cheng!

Suganya Reddy said...
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CheeWay said...

Faster write something of you being a COCONUT

tuantaufik said...

damn? why me and sarma? i wish i could have the wisdom and knowledge.............tharan, IM TURNING OVER A LEAF! JUST WAIT AND SEE~CHANGE OR DIE~

Steve said...

Taufik, u did change a lot.
From not going to class, to coming class 1 hour late. haha. at least u come kan?


But why richard changed to nanny? he did the operation at the age of 25?

xenac said...


who knows:)

tharan, where's your transformation?