Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doing the karen Cheng

Have you ever heard of the Karen Cheng Pose ?

Its about a blogger by the name of Karen Cheng who whip out her digital camera, snap a photo of herself in the mirror, and then upload it onto her blog. And she only does it when she wears something nice.

Well.....since i am so gatal and my hands are a bit

Lets do the Karen Cheng Pose


Btw you guys can read about Karen Cheng's life here


weiyoke said...

haha i have many of pics like this one too...
btw, did u buy the shirt?

Tharan said...

nope...too expensive about 150. I got myself something similar

CheeWay said...

dont memalukan karen cheng la..

ppl pose..the camera never block her own face

me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

wah, u also read her blog ar? not many ppl i know reads her blog. anyway she is cool! and nice pic btw =) check out mine. i just posted in her FB.