Sunday, December 03, 2006

Will be back next week

ahhaa..i guess many of you Taiping guys would have been pissed because i could not make it this week, the reason because i had a BBQ to attend on saturday and i have some unfinished business to settle in campus. Anyway, just to tell you guys i am coming back next saturday and will be around till tuesday. So...... as USUAL this is what i want to do

1 . Waking up at 8am to go to coronation pool at the foot of Maxwell Hill. ( If i come at 10am, you guys understand la..)

2. Sup Kambing @ ooposite A rahman Kamunting. ( Weiyang, i guess the man still remembers us. Kevin, round 2 of the sinfully artery blocking dish ??)

3. Counter Strike ( But you know i am damn noob in it )

4. Dota ( You guys carry on ...)

5. Dinner , how about Prima this time.?

6. I want to go on the AAD , Tan Sri Kups where are you.????

Till then.....

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