Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nothing much

Basically nothing much happened today. I got duped by my friends, making me believe that my roomate had been admitted into hospital. ahhaa.....Too bad leow does not know how to act...ahaha...his beaming face gave everything away. ahaha

Dinner at Ming Choo was great. Unfortunately due to language barrier, our Order for a specifuc soup had to be returned not once BUT TWICE..... pity la that lady. Hey, dont blame me....the first time i spoke English and the second time Hsiu Fuh Spoke in Cantonese, a language foreigh to him despite being a master in hokkien and Mandarin. The Correct dish only came after hsiu Fuh had to show what we wanted.....GOd bless him .

And.....after that we had a great time testing out all the OSIM products. Till then Chiow...ahahah

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Weiyang said...

Tharan must therefore learn Cantonese from Weiyang!