Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some changes

Haha...just got back from Adrian BBQ in Subang. Well, i really enjoyed the BBQ, despite getting shot many times over the wrong reasons. However it was really a good time catching up with some ol friends. The bbq was good, i really liked the BBQ chicken, it was very tasty ...simply finger licking good. Macha...give the recipe la..haha. Besides..looks like our chee way is a good BBQ chef. Emily, looks like you found yourself a good BBQ chef for the Swim club BBQ night ya..ahha

Anyway, hows the new template. Decided to play around with the settings, and are the effects. What do you think.?


©p|4y8o!™ said...

BBQ was our swim club BBQ nyte will be better:P

Tharan said...

Yup....hopefully. ahahah