Monday, December 04, 2006

The Much Hyped about Pangkor Trip

Pangkor...... The land of far and beyond, where angels, devils , doctors and Normal citizens spent their ' bonding' session. Pity those of you guys who had not made it for the missed the the time of your life. ahhaha. Basically , the trip was all about making fun of people, food , Cho tai ti, Bluff , More food...., cycling. And the hero of that trip should be Victor Koo, who likes group photos. Next time any of you guys would like to take a group picture, please call Victor KOo..aahaha. Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip.

The bus ride, Damn i sat directly at the back. Teresa claimed that this was the longest bus ride in her life ( it was only 4 hours :P ). CCW was left in hybernation mode...due to ovious reasons....while the rest were seen shouting ' are we there yet..????
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Ahh...the first sight of sea...the smell....the breeeze. That yellow ferry was our transport to Pangkor
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Meanwhile...the shooting of Casino royale la..some Philipinos shooting some movie. Dont know who are those actors also, maybe my mum might know since she likes to see Philipino movies.
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Seaview dad's facourite hotel
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Same picture with a different setting....i changed the ISO
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Picture on top of the Fate rock hill or something....
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The clean blue sea..... beautiful....
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MR Teoh Chee Way. Is he The Devil , The Angel , The doctor or a Normal Citizen. Who cares.....he will always die first in the game..ahahhahahahaha
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©p|4y8o!™ said...

darn, i miss dat exciting trip...looking forward for nextime...ohya, wanting to try out dat devil n angel game

Tharan said...

hahah......We sure will one day..haha

Anonymous said...

aiks...i died in the 1st round? remember that i won one round as devil...

u r the one never last more than two rounds in every game:P


sm@ll_whit3 said...

ehehe...the longest i ever sat is like 3 hours? here to my place where got bus to sit?pangkor break my records in sitting bus :p