Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Its been a while since i last played tennis, so when leau asked for a game of tennis, i didnt turn down his offer. Leau was good at his game and and i was left hitting all places. It took me a while before i got back into the rhythm of the game. I remember when i was young, i was coached by 2 coaches, Mr Tan Teik Seng and also Mr Robert Khoo. Both of them are good coaches and i improved a lot under both their guidance.

I still remember, there was this girl, she looked like a guy...seriously she looked like a guy. And damn, she was damn blordy good in tennis. She looks like a guy, hits like a guy, serves like a guy..in fact i thought she was a guy until i found out her name is Jennifer. I remember the conversation that took place one day in the tennis court

Mr Tan : Tharan, you partner Jennifer, and you play with Sam and .... ( I forgot his name )

Tharan : Jennifer ??? Sir, i dont see any girls.

Mr Tan : There...she is there..wearing the white short and black shirt.

Tharan : HUh.??? That person is a girl.??

Mr Tan : Yala...you dont know ah.???

Tharan : Gosh......

Thats was one conversations, and i remember if the day rains, Mr Tan would blame it on the person who did not bathe...ahhaa.

I remember him scolding one guy for hitting the ball outside of the court into the jungle behind,

Mr Tan : OIiiiiiii....i ask you to hit to me not to your grandmother....

hahaa..i had great times, i wonder what happened to Mr Tan.?

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