Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Friday to remember

It all started when Fabian told me to get ready early on Friday to go to Peter house to celebrate his birthday....steamboat style. So came the day, and the 6 of us were packed in to cars and we rushed to Seri Petaling, or was it Kuchai Lama. Either way, its somewhere in KL. ahah At first we dropper by in IOI Mall to get a gift for him then we made it to his house

When we reached his house, each and everyone was amazed by his house, to begin with the size of it and then the Exclusive fittings which they had. And to our delight, Fong Fook Yih or PUKI as we call him.hahaha was there to greet us. But than again screw him because we just made him the maid of the house. Dont worry Kak Fong is there to help you in your chores...:P

Well we then cooked out food in the steamboat and then sat in the swing outside and were talking.. Here are some of the crappy conversations we had..

Conversation 1

BOon : Hey guys, what do you all want to do after this.
Tharan : Lets go eat Bak Kut Teh in Klang
Fabian : WEi, later your KOLO KOLO ( Cholestrol ) goes then you get your heart attack
Tharan : AHHH.screw it la. I rather die eating the famouse Bak Kut Teh, than at least i fulfilled my final wishes
Fabian : When you die, i want your laptop ah.???
Boon : I also want something ah..
Tiger : I also want something ah..
Tharan : all waiting for me to die ??? so that you guys can get something..
BOON : Ok...anyway,before we go to Klang, can we have a few rounds Gambling
Tharan : OK problem
Fabian : OK...set, no problem. Ask Fong become the banker...since he worked in
Hong Leong
Tharan : No problem...
Fabian : Or Tharan why not you become the banker..
Tharan : Bugger...if i become a banker....than my funeral also no money..

At this point we all burst our laughing..

Than we also talked about Teoh Chee Way who is always dissapears somewhere.....( The ACES people would understand )

And we talked a lot of crap and then we gambled

We gambled and gambled and gambled and gambled

And i lost and lost and lost and lost and lost

ahhaha....I hate poker...

And that was the end of a wonderful friday i had..

AND owh ya....i didnt go to Klang that day..ahha


Esther Chin said...

hahaha... gamble until no money to go eat bak kut teh?

Tharan said...

hahaha...we were too tired so we didnt go. We diverted to Asia Cafe instead