Sunday, March 09, 2008

i wish

Sometimes i wish i can turn back time, on things that i said or acted. Maybe i was a fool or stupid or whatever, but then again....hey...i am a human. Most probably i am wrong...and i feel i do.., i know that saying sorry is not enough but i wish sorry could be somewhat stronger but i know it isnt.

I know you might think that i am a disgrace, a fool or whatsoever..sorry...

anyway i would like to thank you for everything that you have done, i really enjoyed having you around. sadly it had to end this way. ...and i wish you all the best in the future..make me proud with your success and all...



Fabian said...
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Fabian said...
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cheewei said...

hey Mr LIM T.. u r not wrong say sorry to her.. u r wrong on other things.. things tat make u a kunji-less...but i reli respect your kindness on wish her luck.. not easy to do so.. especially wat u hav did and sacrifice behind her, without let her knowing it... I was like tat.. Gal like her type won notice it.. but wen she did, that's t dawn of tang-ke-ji.. Hope you really concentrate on your studies.. TGI-Friday awaiting.. :)

Indian made in China said...


As your dambi, Muthu. I would like to give u some advice.

"Never regret what you had done in your life. Because of mistake and failure we been through, we're definitely a better man than yesterday. Be strong and fight back with all the strength u have nw, today will be the turning point of ur life. Enough is enough, be a man, and do what you promise to yourself. You can have regrets in things that u have done, but definately no regret as who u are today"

From Muthu.
Fight for the right and never defense the wrong.


Anonymous said...

if you love someone, dont expect to get something back. you have to learn to do it willingly. although ppl said have to give and take, but still we cannot expect to take. give it a try sincerely, if cannot get then wish her the best.

a tips for you, dont give up. but u should not neglect your things. study comes 1st. but u should give it a try, or else 50years from now, you will be regretting in old folks home.

you will have our full support. if you fail, you will have the mangoes 50 years from now.