Friday, September 12, 2008

My 2 friends

When i think of my 2 friends..

The picture painted in my mind reminds me of this

Even when one friend of mine is sleeping

It reminds me of this

I always wonder when one friend of mine is sleeping....what is the other friend of mine doing ?????

lets just hope, he is playing Choo Choo Train.



Edry said...

Hahahah this one is funny weh. So who imitating who first eh? It really looks similar la

Tharan said...

hahaha....not sure..its hard to know if the pigs are imitating the humans or the humans are imitating the pigs

xenac said...

maybe the pigs just put on a human costume:)

cc said...

OMG it's uncanny! LOL

Suganya Reddy said...

i enjoy reading ur blog..make me laugh n u always put a smile on my face when i read ur blog..thx tharan..good one! :)

Chee Way said...

the black pic is tharan:)

Anonymous said...

LOL nice post. O.o so Chee Wei u admitting to playing 'Choo Choo Train' with Tharan? =)