Tuesday, September 02, 2008

it could have been the end

you know...i have never written any emotional post before....but for just this once...JUST THIS once.

did you guys know...i nearly died half an hour ago. I was with my friend, and he was taking me on a spin on his bike.

and we werent speeding, but we wanted to make a U- turn. And yeah....we didnt know. There was this car. Speeding like a bullet....it just MISSED US...it was like so damn close....so close

and i wondered, if it hit us, i wondered if we would have survived.

after the incident, we were rather shaken up. and yeah..i was thinking if we were hit, i had a lot of unfinished business to settle. a lot of things had to be done,

it would have been my last BKT for dinner,
My last Chicken rice for Lunch in SK,
The last FEG outing on sat night,
The last time i went to sunway on Friday,

a lot of things... alot of things

My family, my friends,

i didnt tell them how much i love them

life is short...

mine could have ended shorter..

but it didnt

appreciate .


cc said...

Nothing's like a pass of death as a wake up call. Glad you're ok.

Go on and tell your love ones how you feel. :)

Steve said...

Start from today, live your life to your fullest. U really never know when it's gonna end. Tharan, be strong. together we will go through all this.

Feg Stve.

CheeWay said...

u still havent go library with me:D

cordelia said...

and...emmmm i still havent tell you i read your entries ;p

so here goes my first comment:
i'm glad you're ok...cuz your entries are fun to read.

catherine said...

And you still owe my a birthday hug as well =P.Do take good care and be more mindful next time! ;)

Dr.LovE said...

Macha... dont worry u wont leave unless its time to leave :)

weiyoke said...

u have not been to yau kee bkt with me!
dun leave ur room starting today so that only a very low pissibility u will be dying due to accident...

cheer up!

Fabian said...

thank God for the near miss..if not i will lose a bro...

Miss said...

please do take care. i still want to see you when i'm back in cyber.

<3 laura