Monday, May 19, 2008

Thomas CUp

Well, as you guys already know, Malaysia has been kicked out of the Thomas CUP, thanks to a pathetic display by HAFIZ HASHIM. He definitely didn't have the fighting spirit that the rest of the players had. I wonder why was he fielded anyway. Anyway, just to brighten things up, our future in badminton might look bleak at the moment, but let me tell you something, it isnt.

You want to know why ?

It is not because BAM is gonna whack the crap of all the players..
It is not because They are gonna change the coach
It is not because they are buying better racquet's.

and certainly not because they are gonna to to the bomoh and do some black magic

It is Because......


Yeah....he is gonna whoop your ass in badminton..ahhaa..once he is able to and write i guess. Just look at his face again sebiji like Lin Dan.,,,.....he is gonna beat the crap out of you. Muahahahahahahhahahah

Well.... wanna play badminton ? MUahahahahahhahaha

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fab said...

lol..lin dan..da 3rd pic i can imagine is da racquet come flying towards u..hahaha:P