Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Empty room

Today, when i got up. This sight greeted me.

My roomate of 5 years, the person which i used to talk cock with , argue stupid stuff with , crapp and tell stupid stories with has finally finished his life as a student in this university ( Dont worry, Leau's words wont come true ).

sigh...i miss the times when that place was like this

this images will always remain as memories........ sigh.


vaLerism™ said...

hahahaha we know how it feels, dont be sad la okay, you still have all of us after all!!!


fab said...

huhu..memoirs of us 2geda ya..its been a bittersweet 5 years..its gona be memoirs 4eva...
cherish those moments we enjoy n hav fun 2geda since mlc till cyber...n i appreciate dat..thanks for being da best roomie in da world 2me=D
bros always^!^