Friday, July 20, 2007

Swim Club Activities pics...ahahha

Just some pics from the recent swim club Agm and also the Ice Breaking. Swim Club Rockss..ahahaha..

Part of the crowd that came for the AGM. It was scary at first when nobody turned up, but then like true malaysians they finally turned up.haha.

The 'couple' hahhaa...Jessica and Kevin, They made it to become the comm of Swim CLub

SOme Random pics of the AGM.......we had a blast..ahha

A week later, We had our Ice was certainly a wet affair..ahhaa

Some of the members waiting for their turn to be introduced. hahaa....however it was long and draggy.

A quick group photo by our amatuer photographer Jia Wei. ahhaha..

Dont know what is Jessica doing.....

Sharing the end they got splashed..ahaha

Some of the group with their cheers. This is group Sotong...haha

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liyiesther.C said...

is that liew yih khai on the 1st picture?