Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome back

It has been a certainly has since i last logged in into blogger. Been requested by many to start posting..but i guess i was a bit too lazy. Anyway, the semester has just started with , gosh 7 subjects. I have not taken this many subjects before in my life. And to make matters worst, this semester we have a lot of IT subjects....programming , database...god knows what..ahah. My new room is quite ok but quite cramped due to the fact we have another roomate. Practically my whole room is in a mess, with some boxes left unpacked. Not because i am lazy , i just dont have the place to place my stuff. hehe. Anyway, i will write more about the orientation week , seriously i had the time of my life.. Anyway, expect more from me in the coming weeks, take care...

Oja Eh Oja

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