Sunday, May 06, 2007

HI Five

WEll...i was thinking back the other days on songs which i like and suddenly a popular group...actually not popular group but a TV show came into my minds. It was HIgh Five, a show for kids. must be thinking why i should watch that show but i actually watched it when i was in Form 5. ahhaa , Actually because the girls were preety , and surprisingly i was not the only ones , my taiping and Sup Kambing buddy Weiyang also used to watch it because of the girls. haha. And my roomate Fabian , he also liked the girls there....not bad eh. My parents used to make fun of me watching the show , its for kids la. I remember my mom telling me

Mom : A big Buffolo like you also can watch this kind of show ?

and my dad would say something lke this

Dad : Eh..change the channel la......

one of the songs i like from that show was Robot Number ONe....i tried looking for the video in you tube but i managed to get the spanish version of it. So here goes.....enjoy

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The Weiyang said...

woi, unlike you i watched it strictly for the girls and not the entertainment value...haha