Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a week

What a week it was.....especially during CF. Technically i was out the whole day..from 8am till 3am the next day. I am only in the room to sleep....all the time i was either in CF booth , Class or in was really a hectic week, i wonder how i managed to survive. hmmmmm.

I am missing the guys from CF already ...especially Aghi , Alvin , Tiagu , Ken , Chee Wei , Shasha , athul , Syaz , Yuzz, Keat Yee ...... damn..... miss the times we had to settle problems and all. HAha..... Aizu ???? where the hell are you.... tot of playing cards and drinking coconut water with sirap..ahahhahaa.

Well , today i went out with the guys from Swim Club. FIrst we went swimming in the new Kelab Rekreasi in Cyberpark. It was small and ...expensive.....bugger 5 bucks wei...i rather eat with that money. But somehow, i , Chee way , Chan Chee Way , Yong Jun , MOng Lan and Victor had a great time swimming and talking grandmother stories... Haha..and the day didnt end there..... we all then decided to try our luck at golfing , hitting about 200 balls........ not bad eh....?

Then at night , we went to SK for dinnner.... This time it was Me , Chan chee way , Teoh chee way , Sheh Leey , Yong JUn and Victor........imagine us squeezing in a tight kancil...damn we llooked like an illegal immigrant....... it was ok ....but we suffered when Chan Chee Way slammed the breaks and also went on the bump in high speed..ahahaha.


Anonymous said...

since when chan chee wei's 'wei' becum my 'way':P

wat a great day!!! one of the best day i had in i wish i dont have test next week and enjoy more


cavi said...

wah, u know u so kedekut de, who ask u go there? go cyberia n swim for free la, den d 5 bucks can buy one tub of walls chocolate sundae ice-cream (hehehe. wah, boys oso can talk grandmother stories ah? no wonder la the world spinning around the other way de, haha ;p blog on blogger, best regards :)