Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quotes of the Year 2006

While studying just now, i was thinking of a few quotes that i think was memorable througout the whole year....some of them are funny and some of them are quite thoughtful....lets look at the quotes...

' NO no , we cant eat yoghurt in hostel because got no air con " Fong Fook Yih

' Tharan, What will happen if i die ....... ' Fabian Ong

' Nevermind , leave it to me. I will tackle myself. ' Tharan

' Dare To Dream " Dato Tony Fernandez

' Fabian, come lets go study ' Kreedharan

' I think i wont play dota tonight ' Fabian

' Why do you want to know the world wide news ? Fuck the world la ' Mohd Shahril

' Think of the future and set your goals ' Jagmohinderjeet Singh

' Vannakkam is good bye in Tamil ' Teoh Chee Way

' Go Die ' Deevina

' Tharan i love you. You are the best brother in the whole world. Now change the channel ' My Sis.

Actually there is more..but i forgot. damn..must get back to my books


Anonymous said...

vanakkam, see you all again next sem!


zongz said...

"U tengok sana, student MMU semua panjang cantik bulat! U? Macam benih saje"
"tu tu..SPECIAL CASE la!!!"

"Apa nama u?"
"Tharan la"
"Tu tu..TU LONGFORM la!"


Dedicated to the 3 Malacca boys and security guard. Salute u guys for being so great and making me look good. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

tharan's word of the year

'5 minutes only what'

p.s it's almost two hours