Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One fine morning....

ATTENTION : THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Pictures by Ranveer Singh.

On a sunny morning one day, a guy who wanted to make a living by stealing some stuff from a abandoned house in front of my friend Ranveer's house had his life turned upsite down. I guessed he chose the wrong house and the wrong day to steal because he was spotted by one of the neighbours who then alerted the rest of the neighbours.

They formed a small group and rushed towards the house. They did it stealthyly without making much noise and alerting the intruder inside.

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And..when everyone was into position....suddenly

" ALPHA GO , CHARLIE GO , DELTA GO.... " FIre in the hole.....( oops...). And with blazing guns the intruder was taken by surprise and i guessed he was more shocked to see so many people in the house suddenly.

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After the dust had settled, the Intruder was questioned by the Leader of the " Tactical Team " MR Satnam Singh. At the same time, the police were called in.

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Within Minutes, with 'sirens' blazing, the police RACED to the crime scene.... OOopps..did i say sirens blazing , i meant the police RODE to the crime scene

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' MIssion Control, this is Alpha one declaring code red. Requesting for Backup ' and hence....' the backup with a bulging stomache arrived.

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LAdies and GEntleman, new procedure by the new IGP, check for pulse before making an arrest.
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Sepandai pandai tupai melompat , akhirnya jatuh ke dalam jamban juga. With that, the criminal finally fell into the jamban...errr... i meant into the police hands.
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And was time to say goodbye. I know.farewells could be a tearful affair...but....when he had to go...he had to go. And so...The criminal bid farewell...i think he could not ..coz his hands his cuffed....and sat behind the policeman and rode off like a just married couple....
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©p|4y8o!™ said...

lol...yet more funny items in da new entry...keep it up , lion:p

Weiyang said...

Ah yes, Taiping's finest in action! But I thought the house was an abandoned one?

Btw you do know its illegal to reveal pics of the suspect's face right? Or at least I think it is...